Biennale Interieur - Belgium's leading design and interior event - Frederic delbart

2018 Frederik Delbart

Frederik Delbart, a furniture and product developer pur sang, had is own independent creative office located in Antwerp and Hasselt, Belgium. He is active in product design, strategic design management and consultancy.

The 30-year-old designer tries to explore all aspects of design: from the early design to strategic thinking. His designer language also shows an unlikely authenticity. As we live in a critical environmental situation, respect for nature is always present in the choice of materials, the assembly methods and a strict selection of suitable production plants. Passionate by raw and pure materials such as wood, glass, metal, porcelain and paper, the studio tries to find new limits for each by using those materials in a mix of respect for tradition and sense of innovation.

He works for companies such as Recor Home, Quincalux, Aluci, Moome, Ars Fabricandi, Van Den Weghe Items and Per / Use.


Biennale Interieur - Belgium's leading design and interior event -

The Designer of the Year award is an initiative by the Biennale Interieur and the magazines Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend. Frederik Delbart was awarded the prize in 2018. He has his own studio and is known for his work for Per / Use, Aluci and Moome.

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