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2010 Bram Boo

Bram Boo (°1971, Brussels) is a self-made independent designer. He became a furniture designer because he couldn’t find the furniture he wanted for his own home. His furniture objects are autonomous objects. Not only do they surprise, they are also unique and full of poetry: ambiguous objects which force the viewer/user to re-think his familiar habits.

His idiom resides in his combined functions: sitting, storing, working and leisure must not contradict or exclude each other. He breaks rules and rewrites them according to his own laws. He now designs for a number of Belgian and international manufacturers and brands.

His work features in the collections of Indera (BE), Feld (BE) and Drisag (BE). He designed school furniture for Vannerum (BE), while his Overdose desk was launched in the Bulo (BE) carte blanche collection.

Biennale Interieur - Belgium's leading design and interior event -

The Designer of the Year award is an initiative by the Biennale Interieur and the magazines Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend. Bram Boo was awarded the prize in 2010. He has his own studio and is known for his work for brands like Bulo, Drisag and Feld.

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