INTERVIEW - Tal and Joli team up with Sylvain Willenz for a surprising collection

Belgian brands Tal and Joli will join forces with world-renowned designer Sylvain Willenz for a complementing, reinforcing furniture collection. Layers is an in-depth collaboration between three big names in their respective fields. Tal is known for its technical skills while Joli’s focus lies on material development.  Sylvain Willenz took on the challenge of combining those two elements in one surprising collection.

How did this collaboration come about?

“I’ve been in contact with Tal for a while now. Ever since they saw my Torch lights we have wanted to do something together. About a year ago we started working together on a designer lamp. We were looking for a piece that boasts a sense of authorship on top of high-end product design. Tal on the other hand already worked with Joli in the past. When they decided to team up for the upcoming biennial, they saw a match in working with me as their partner for set design. One thing led to another, and that idea of sharing a booth grew out to sharing an entire collection.”

How do you start with such a project?

“Since Tal and Joli are two very distinct brands, it wasn’t always easy. Both brands should be represented equally in the objects, so we had to find a connection between both in order to create something everybody could relate to. I started with visiting both companies, to see what they are doing and how they function. This helped in discovering the direction we could take and think of a fitting concept for this joint venture. It was challenging at times, both also very rewarding since both brands really know what they are doing. Both invest a lot in material and technical development. ”

Can you already tell something more about how the pieces will look?

“The final outcome of this collaboration is a collection of lightning and furniture that shares the same language. All pieces in the Layers collection can be recognized by the same sculptural shapes and forms, and are designed for residential and corporate projects. I developed a family of lamps in different sizes, both wall lamps as hanging lamps. The output of the light can be adjusted, allowing people to play with shades and effects. The layered look of the lamps comes back in the design of a table, chair and console. By playing with techniques, the objects might look very simple at first but are examples of high-end, complex product design.”