Vormen spotted during INTERIEUR18

Vormen is a Belgian design studio run by brothers Leon en Emile Duyck and their cousin Eduouard Devriendt. A small family company with a background in architecture, art history and literature. They were spotted by Italian design company SEM / Spotti Edizioni Milano during INTERIEUR 2018, resulting in the launch of the Gomiti chair and lounge this year.

This was a next step in their career, but also lead them to new places in the literal sense: the team has moved to Brussels, looking for new surroundings and a fresh look on what Vormen wants to be. “Essentially, we do everything ourselves. Our new atelier and the experience we had during the Biennale pushed us towards a good direction: a creative design studio focused on developing new products for existing markets. More than taking the production process into our own hands, we want to challenge ourselves by envisioning and creating elements that make life more pleasant.”