Objects With Love exhibition in Basel

After being a guest curator at the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018 with the exhibition “Objects with Love”, a collection of 45 objects created by different designers, Connie Hüsser from Switzerland has won the Swiss Grand Prix Design Award 2019. The jury crowned journalist and interior stylist Hüsser for her general contribution to the history of design. “Hüsser’s work does not fit within a conventional design discipline. She collects objects and ideas and transforms them into 3D collages which reflect the future and its trends. Alongside, she forms a link between designers and manufacturers, and creates exhibitions such as “Objects with Love”.


The “Objects with Love” exhibition enjoyed a second life during Design Miami in Basel this year. Among the selection were designers such as Sabine Marcelis and Harvey Bouterse, alongside David Timmis, Fredrik Paulsen, Bertjan Pot, Philippe Malouin and TAF Studio. Connie Hüsser also received the Swiss Grand Prix for Design 2019 during Art Basel and Design Miami / Basel. The exhibition was selected as one of the best venues by Sight Unseen. Read the full article