Wilde Westen - an artistic concert and festival organisation - curates the expo ’Sound Art To Object’ at the Sint-Maarten hospital. This sound experience gathers 6 artists who will join sound and matter in ‘sound objects’, reflecting on questions related to the theme of the Interieur Festival, To Object. ‘To Object’ has a dual meaning, both as a noun and as an active verb. What is an object? What is its function. How is it realized? How does it generate meaning?
The expo zooms in on the artist who is observing our daily reality, reflects on it in his works or radically opposes to it to offer other alternatives. Among the selected artists are Els Viaene, Kurt d’Haeseleer, Pascal Broccolichi, Stéphane Kozik, Floris Vanhoof and Kate Moore. - full programme announced on September 6th