LIVABLE, a platform under the guidance of Sep Verboom, aims at stimulating collaboration while generating local and global participation with alternative solutions for our industries.

Future industries know their responsibility and have a conscious choice.
Where profit is not only valued by economic terms, but in environmental and social impact as well.
These mutual goals and endless possibilities of rattan wood connected LIVABLE to the German studio Out For Space, the developers of the KARUUN materials. With a patented technology the palm wood is transformed into an innovative material category.

Rattan wood is processed into KARUUN veneer, LIVABLE designer Sep Verboom connected these veneers to the industry of plywood moulding. Creating a whole range of new possibilities with traditional machinery.
We invite you to explore the strength of KARUUN, a sustainable cycle, involving the sourcing of the materials, the processing, the scaling and the implementation. The result is not only a new material, but also an industrial process ready for exploration. Companies, architects and designers of this world, we need you!