INTERIEUR AWARDS: winners announced soon!

The winners of the Spaces Awards were already picked at the end of April, and last week the jury members gathered in Kortrijk to select the winning entries in the Spaces category. 
Alain Gilles (BE), Sebastian Herkner (GER), Tom Morris (UK) and last edition's winner Dimitri Bähler hard a hard time choosing their favourites. 
The winning objects and the 3 concepts that will be installed during the Biennale in October will be revealed soon! 

In the mean time, read more about journalist and jury member Tom Morris

What is ‘design’ according to you? Intention. Broadly, design is the result of someone setting out to achieve something. That could be function, use or aesthetics - for better or for worse - but it's never an accident. 

Which aspects will you pay attention to while judging the awards? Quality, imagination and originality.

Name an iconic piece of design. The original iPod was such a hugely exciting, perfect piece of design, which came at a time when an overwhelming amount of ‘content’ was still a novelty. I’ve kept all of mine and they already look weirdly old-fashioned

If you could travel in time, which era in design would you visit? I’d like to visit either a shipbuilders in the 1930s to see the great Art Deco cruise ships being made, or Japan in the 1950s or Brazil in the early 1960s.

Do you have any advice for young designers? With social media being so integral to designers’ careers these days, it’s very tempting to create design that is skin-deep: something that looks impactful but achieves nothing. It’s important to ask ‘why’ and not only ‘how'.