At the end of last month, jury members Glenn Sestig and Alex Mustonen came to Kortrijk to take a look at all entries in this year's Spaces Awards. The winners have been chosen and will be revealed during our press conference on Thursday 31st of May. In the mea time, discover more about jury member Alex Mustonen, founder of New York-based architecture studio Snarkitecture.

What is ‘design’ according to you? 
A piece of design should still fulfill a functional goal while also creating a memorable experience for the user. 

Name an iconic piece of design. 
Everyday design - things we don't even think of as being designed - are some of my favorites. A Post-it Note is something most people take for granted but to me it's an icon. It's a perfect, minimal object but also incredibly useful. By combining an accidental discovery (the low tack adhesive) with an everyday object (a scrap of paper), they created something no one knew they needed but you can now find all over the world.

Do you have any of advice for young designers? 
Work hard. The creative aspect of being a designer is off course critical but learning and being smart about the business side of things will allow you to succeed as a designer and ultimately make better, more creative work.