INTERIEUR AWARDS: Sebastian Herkner

Prolific German designer Sebastien Herkner is one of the members of the bury that will decide which objects will win the Grand Prize in the Interieur Awards this year. 
Discover more about his work, ideas and inspiration. 

What is ‘design’ according to you? Design is a message which is always connected to the present and its society. It is not only about the looks, it is about a deeper layer of meaning. 

Name an iconic piece of design. The 218 chair by Thonet. It still fascinates me how they made it possible to bend the wood in that way. This innovation made it into an inspiration for a lot of others chairs and products in the coming years.

If you could travel in time, which era in design would you like to visit? I think it would be the Art Deco times definitely with all these beautiful crafts and ornaments in design as well as in architecture.

Which aspects will you pay attention to while judging the awards? I think it is most important to see a personal, unique attitude and message of the designer in the product.

Do you have a piece of advice for young designers? Don´t just look for the big established design companies when creating a network or looking for producers. Try some local craftsmen in your town or country, as this will often create a very different interaction and maybe allow you to see more ways of creating.