SCMP DESIGN OFFICE, led by Sébastien Cluzel & Morgane Pluchon from Paris, won the Objects Awards for their lamp Dorval. 
A tribute to the origins of industrial design, DORVAL consists of four aluminium heads with LED panels, taking equal inspiration from airport runway lighting and the essential qualities of a chandelier. Equipped with slip-rings, each head can be turned to distribute light in any direction. The central body establishes a vertical reading of the piece, leading from the fixture itself all the way up to the ceiling. The soft colour of DORVAL’s aluminium body adds further warmth to the design, directly referencing the Motobécane AV88, an iconic French motorcycle and popular symbol of the ‘Trentes Glorieuses’ post-war period. The industrial origins and striking form endows it with the versatility to perform in a wide array of situations: above the dining table, in the living room and even in the office.