DESIGN FUSION: the process of meaningful design

DESIGN FUSION brings international experts from IBM, Base Design, Philips Lighting and TU Delft together on 18 October at INTERIEUR 2018 for keynotes, master classes and one-to-one advice on meaningful design processes. We are surrounded daily by designed objects, but what makes a design a good and meaningful design? What is the impact of a good design? And how do you create innovative companies that strive for a better world with sustainable and innovative products or services?

This international business design summit aims to strengthen the competitiveness of companies by inspiring them to design new products or services. It is also the meeting place for entrepreneurs and creative designers.

From 2 pm to midnight, entrepreneurs and creative designers are expected in the XXL room at Kortrijk Xpo for a diverse and challenging program. The four-part program wants to connect and inspire about meaningful designs and design processes.

Participation is free. You register via where you compose your own program.

2 keynote programs focus on meaningful design processes, both from a different perspective.

Common Space Talks (2 pm - 6 pm)

Designing public space in a meaningful and creative way is always a challenge. Inspire yourself by three experts, each with their own perspective for facilitating and enriching public space design trajectories, during the Common Space Talks. Their specific starting points and emphases ultimately serve the same purpose: shared, thoughtful and sustainable public space that invites, challenges and amazes. Join us in interaction with the following 3 enthusiastic speakers:

Zuzanna Skalska (PL), expert in innovative trends and design, shares ideas and inspiring solutions to discover and explore the unpredictable future together.
Internationally renowned product developer Stefan Schöning challenges the audience step by step to think about new processes and cocreation trajectories that lead to an attractive and creative design of the public space.

The Kortrijk social entrepreneur and 'Stuyfster' Eefje Cottenier allows the audience to experience the strength of groups working together through practical insights. She talks about the process of facilitating mass co-creation for products or services with a social impact.

Meaningful Design Talks (7 pm - 9 pm)

Let's talk about meaningful design! How do you create impact with good design? What is a good design? How do you communicate about that? And how do you encourage people to strive for a better world with meaningful products and services? By applying design thinking. Our 4 top speakers explain why and how.

Social designer and assistant professor Social Design & Behavior Change Nynke Tromp (NL) wants to use her research to bring knowledge to designers to develop designs that facilitate prosocial behavior in a natural and organic way. Her most recent work links this way of intervening to large- scale social issues such as the exhaustion of our fossil fuels, immigration or even obesity.

Thierry Brunfaut (BE) is creative director and founding partner of Base Design. Thierry puts graphic and conceptual simplicity first in all its projects - both for the development of a visual identity and for an advertising campaign - in order to communicate effectively. "Design not for designers. Design for people" is one of his mottoes. Thierry believes in the power of words in design, in creative autonomy, teamwork and the pleasure of continuously changing processes.

Pierre-Yves Panis (FR) has been Chief Design Officer at Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) in Eindhoven (NL) since 2015. Before that, he led international design teams at various large companies, including Orange and Legrand (FR). For Moen, a crane manufacturer from the US, he worked as a chief designer. His philosophy is that design must always start from a necessity or need.

Concluding speaker Joni Saylor (US), IBM manager of the Design Practices team, will demonstrate the importance of design thinking in all business departments and explain how she realized this and, as a result, successfully strengthened IBM's competitive position. Saylor is VOKA guest speaker.

From 14h to midnight, 9 organizations from Flanders, Wallonia and Northern France will share their expertise in the expert area. Do you want to learn how to pitch, do you have an innovative idea, but do you lack the know how to implement it, do you have a question about intellectual property or branding of your product, then the expert area is the place to be to ask all your questions.

Flanders DC, VOKA West Flanders, Protopitch and other organizations that offer innovation support are present in the area!

Design Fusion offers last but not least a platform to 11 young designers from Flanders, Wallonia and Northern France to present their latest products to the general public. Are you curious about the sleek chair designs by Thibault Florin (ISATI, BE) and a new 3D-graphic seat by Bart Van Houcke (Studio Achoo, BE)? Or to the lamps of the French designers Quentin Vaulot and KNGB (FR)? Or the beautiful objects of the Walloon Studio Owoy and Celia Stercks?

ISATI. creative studio; StudioUnica.Be; Jordy Van Hoegaerden & Livia De Clercq; Studio achoo; Tim Defleur; Benjamin Helle & Arthur Lenglin; Quentin Vaulot; StudioTwinsParis; kngb creation; Nicolas Destino; Studio Woy; Celia Sterckx

They will also pitch their products in the 'Interior Arena' of BIENNIALE INTERIEUR between 3 pm and 4 pm and between 5 pm and 6 pm. Get to know this young and promising talent and be surprised!

Antwerp Management School's design and innovation professors focus on sustainable design during 2 masterclasses based on user insights or employee experience design and on how companies can create a sustainable innovation mindset in all their departments.
These master classes are mainly aimed at entrepreneurs who want to interact in a limited group about these themes.

14h - 16h Employee experience design
4 pm - 6 pm Design with sustainable focus





DESIGN FUSION is being drawn by Designregio Kortrijk (Flanders), Maison du Design (Wallonia) and Lille-design (FR) within the larger whole of TRIPOD II, an interregional cooperation project between Flanders, Wallonia and France to stimulate design thinking.

DESIGN FUSION is free if you register via the website
DESIGN FUSION is possible through the cooperation and support of:

Partners: Lille Design (FR, Lead partner), Aditec Pas-de-Calais (FR), CCI Grand Lille (FR), Designregio Kortrijk (VL), Antwerp Management School (VL), Design Innovation (WA), Progress/Maison du Design (WA), IDETA (WA), Héracles (WA), Wallonie Design (WA), Leiedal (VL), Métropole Européenne de Lille (FR)