DAG VAN DE ARCHITECTUUR: lectures and talks

FRIDAY 19.10.2018
'Dag van de Architectuur' (Day of Archtecture) celebrates architecture, architects and ... 
On Friday October 19th, a selection of international guests will host a series of inspiring talks that will tackle a wide array os subjects and styles. 
All talks are free and will take place in the Forum and XXL room of Kortrijk Xpo. 

Giovanna Castiglioni (IT) 
Giovanna Castiglioni will discuss the incredible legacy of her father, Italian design master Achille Castiglioni. 
in collaboration with Flos

Léon Stynen 
Dirk Laureys (Flanders Architecture Institute) and Fredie Floré (Faculty of Architecture KULeuven) will pay homage to the Belgian architect Léon Stynen. They will tackle the general framework in which his creations came to life, while also emphasizing his interior work. Part of the Stynen2018 year, this lecture is one of the many activities celebrating the oeuvre of this versatile and active architect. 
in collaboration with Flanders Architecture Institute 

Jan De Vylder (BE)
De Vylder Vinck Tailleau won this year's Silver Lion in Venice for their design of  Caritas, the renovation of an old psychiatric clinic in Melle, Belgium. With their architectural intelligence, skill and humanity they have used the decay of the different existing buildings as an inherent part of the project. The radical free strategic thinking employed by DVVT lead to a completely unexpected and wonderful solution where past and the present, tactile materiality and ephemeral memory intertwine. Architect Jan De Vylder will elaborate on his practice and how they approach architecture.
in collaboration with A+ magazine

Fala Atelier (PT)
The young Portuguese Fala Atelier was founded by Filipe Magalhães (°1987), Ana Luisa Soares (°1988) and Ahmed Belkhodja (°1990) in Porto in 2013. Naivety, intuition and rhetoric are the tools that help them approach and design their projects. Their portfolio principally consists of the renovation of apartments located in the town’s historic centre, increasing the useful capacity of limited volumes while at the same time avoiding the everyday aesthetics of rental accommodation. Paper architecture also plays a major role in their work. Images and drawings form a series of visual metaphors that convey the sensitivity and intentions of each project. These transmit the sense of an inhabited, poetic and playful world, as the architects will have the opportunity to explain at their conference.
in collaboration with Archipel en Leiedal

DJ Da Pierre and DJ Reinout Hiel
 organized by BVA