TL Mag / Belgium
Published by Pro Materia / Lise Coirier (°2008), TLmag is an international biannual print and continuous online magazine dedicated to curating and capturing the collectible culture. It has evolved for a decade with creative influencers that have shaped the contemporary art and design scene. TLmag AW issue on Africas focuses on the much-awaited reopening on 8 December of the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren (Belgium) —rebaptized AfricaMuseum. TLmag journeyed to the vast African continent to explore the artistic inventiveness of creative Africans on the local and international scale. By defying clichés about Africanness, by cultivating mystery as well as humour, the artists and designers featured in this issue innovate using what exists already, play with Western references and codes and subscribe to a notion of luxury as pureness and immediacy. They offer an in-depth look at the universal power of artefacts, their sources and resources from Africa that is not a country but a multicultural and multifaceted continent. On the cover: Aimé Mpane, Congo Nouveau Souffle, AfricaMuseum, 2018, reopening on 8 December

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