Hästens beds / Sweden
People sleep for approximately one third of their lives, but far too often their quality of sleep is compromised. At Hästens, our mission is to change the way people think about and prioritize sleep so they can enjoy a higher quality of life. Hästens will change the way you sleep forever with the finest beds in the world. Six generations of handcrafted beds and pure natural materials. Company profile Hästens, founded in 1852, is Sweden’s oldest manufacturer of beds and started out by primarily making saddles and carriage furniture. The main filling material used for saddles was horsehair and already back then it was common knowledge that horsehair also provided the best possible filling material for mattresses. To begin with the saddle makers at Hästens only manufactured beds on demand. This demand increased at such rate that making beds with time became the main business for the company. The Hästens brand name (‘Häst’ is Swedish for horse) and logo are references to its origin as a saddle making company.

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