Studio Terhedebrügge / Germany

Studio Terhedebrügge (Antonia & Silvia Terhedebrügge): Tisch sidetable. With 3D- and 2D-virtual reality more and more mixing up it has also become a major drive behind the work of studio Terhedebrügge, not in the least because one of its founding sisters, Silvia, is a product-, and the other, Antonia, a graphic designer. With its distinct and graphical appearance, Tisch is a side table at the interplay between the two-and three-dimensional. Its base is a bended, powder-coated metal sheet which opens sideways into space. The tabletop, made of wood, comes in the same color. The challenge within this project was to find the right balance between volume and surface in an interesting but calm object. From each angle the lines and curves create a new composition that changes the object’s look.

25th Silver Edition

14-23 October 2016

Kortrijk, Belgium

A festive 25th edition programme

40.000 m2 of contemporary design in the halls of Kortrijk Xpo

Summit: Interior Design & Retail

Scenography & curated content by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Interieur Bars, designed by winners of the INTERIEUR AWARDS

Extending the Biennale programme into a day and night experience

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