INTERIEUR 2020 becomes INTERIEUR 2021

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, its impact on the international design world and the fair and events sector, and the challenging organisation of major events, the Biennale Interieur has decided to postpone its 2020 edition until the autumn of 2021. The impact on a large-scale, festive event with 50,000 visitors is too strong to guarantee a successful edition. The Biennale INTERIEUR 2021 will take place in Kortrijk Xpo from 21 to 25 October 2021.

What no one thought possible, has become a reality in just a few weeks time. What initially looked like a pause, has turned out to be a bigger-than-anticipated reset. "The impact of the Coronavirus is immense," says Jo Libeer, CEO of the Biennale Interieur. "Uncertainty reigns and investments big and small are being postponed. As an organization, we have to take up responsibility both towards our exhibitors as towards our visitors. Since we want to guarantee our known level of quality, we have decided to postpone the 27th edition of the Biennale Interieur by one year".

In any case, 2020 will remain a unique year for the Biennale Interieur. This year marks the 15th time we will honour and select a Belgian designer of the year. This prize will be awarded in the autumn, in collaboration with Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend.
The Biennale Interieur took its first steps towards a new model a few years ago, a renewal which will continue. The development of a city festival and the targeted development of an intense and more professional programme met the demands of the market. This process of change is now being further elaborated. "We know the market through and through, and our team stays informed and up to date on a daily basis, staying in contact with international furniture manufacturers, leading designers and thought leaders. We cannot ignore the signals that reach us, and will deal with the situation in a flexible, open way," concludes Jo Libeer. "We remain hopeful for the future and will use this extra year to work on a strong, content-driven Biennial for 2021. 

By postponing the 5-day event to 2021, the Biennale Interieur changes timing, and changes from even years to odd years. The world will look different in a post-covid era. 


Press release in French - Dutch - English 





Interieur Awards 2020

Interieur Awards 2020

Following a two-yearly tradition, the Biennale INTERIEUR is launching its Interieur Design Awards. Following the decision to postpone the Biennale until 2021, the Awards are also shifted until next year.
The competition gives young designers and architects the chance to showcase their latest objects, or their innovative view on spatial design. The competition runs in two categories: objects and places

In the first category, Objects, we are looking for new objects which are relevant for the world we live in. In the second one, the renewed Places category, we are looking for ideas on how a small living unit of the future would look like.

The winning objects will be on show in an avant-garde scenography during the Biennale INTERIEUR 2021. The winning space proposal will be executed by our partner CAAAP, Belgian contract designers and dedicated developer of triple A places, and will get a prime spot during the Biennale Interieur. 

An international jury will judge the entries in both categories. This year we have the honour having amongst others journalist Yoko Choy (HK), stylist Connie Hüsser (CH) and gallery owner Boris Devis (BE) in our jury. Also colour-addict Tekla Severin (SE), architect Oana Bogdan (RO) and interior consultant Nina Bruun (DK) will have a closer look at the different entries, choosing the worthy winner in both categories. 

The call for entries is open now.
Deadline of the competition is October 31th 2020.
All details and application information can be found here:
OBJECTS & SPACES (to be updated following the rescheduling of the Biennale - update expected soon)

A message to our community

Biennale Interieur 2020, design fair in Belgium.

Biennale Interieur 2020, design fair in Belgium. 

As we receive many questions from our clients, exhibitors and the design community, we want to give you an update from our side. 

You’ve read and heard it all before: these are challenging times. The world is on hold and nobody can predict whether this is just a pause, a reset or a fast-forward.  Each aspect of our lives has been drastically changed, and this goes as well for the design sector and all affiliate branches. 

We’re still aiming towards a new edition of the Biennale INTERIEUR in 2020. Until further notice, the upcoming Biennale is scheduled from the 22nd to the 26th of October. We will keep you posted whether it will be in the same form as before or in a slightly modified, but equally inspiring version.  Despite these unusual times, we believe we need to look forward. Staying positive & hopeful - while being realistic - is one way to face this uncertainty, keeping all options open for the time being. 

If you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate getting in touch. Our team is working from home but available to follow up all your concerns. 

Wherever you are, keep up the good spirit.
Team Interieur. 

INTERIEUR 2020: scenography by Piovenefabi

The concept and layout for INTERIEUR 2020 is in the hands of the Italian architects duo Ambra Fabi and Giovanni Piovene. While the concept of previous Interieur Biennales took ‘the city’ as their inspiration, Piovenefabi have chosen the 'palace' as their point of departure. A perfect connection with INTERIEUR 2020, a sequence of moments.

Piovenefabi is a Milan-based architectural practice, created by Ambra Fabi and Giovanni Piovene. Their studio is active in architecture, urban research, spatial awareness and design. The focus of their method are the humane aspects and design for a public, regardless of the impact of their intervention. 

The duo recently were part of the team of curators for the Architectural Triennial of Lisbon in 2019, where they developed the exhibition and publication about the contemporary use of language in architecture and design. They recently developed some colourful summer pavilions for five parks in Brussels and for the Architecture School of Versailles. For Gallery Maniera (BE) they made different objects inspired by the Milan metro. The studio now works on an hotel in Brussels, a residential project in Paris, and a new series of furniture objects and pavilions.

With INTERIEUR 2020, Piovenefabi breaks through the limits of a classical exhibition by injecting awe and pleasure in an intense event such as the Biennale. The team builds an experience, a project based on time, rather than space. On a sequence of different moments which changes one’s perception and sharpens the experience.

"INTERIEUR 2020 will be a Palace for all", say the duo. "A palace is like a shop window. An ambitious whole made up of squares, stages, thermal baths, libraries and gymnasiums. A necessary extravagance arises from rituals and events, such as receiving guests, hosting events or organising a ball or banquet; celebrating ceremonies. We interpret INTERIEUR 2020 as an itinerary, a sequence of moments. Throughout our own palace, experiences are collected, recognised and linked. Time transcends space. It has to be a place for people, where everyone, or no one, is king. INTERIEUR 2020 will be a temporary framework for surprise."

More information on their work on

Vormen spotted during INTERIEUR18

Vormen is a Belgian design studio run by brothers Leon en Emile Duyck and their cousin Eduouard Devriendt. A small family company with a background in architecture, art history and literature. They were spotted by Italian design company SEM / Spotti Edizioni Milano during INTERIEUR 2018, resulting in the launch of the Gomiti chair and lounge this year.

This was a next step in their career, but also lead them to new places in the literal sense: the team has moved to Brussels, looking for new surroundings and a fresh look on what Vormen wants to be. “Essentially, we do everything ourselves. Our new atelier and the experience we had during the Biennale pushed us towards a good direction: a creative design studio focused on developing new products for existing markets. More than taking the production process into our own hands, we want to challenge ourselves by envisioning and creating elements that make life more pleasant.”

Biennale Interieur and Delen Private Bank join forces for 3rd year in a row


Delen Private Bank has been a valuable partner since 2016, and we are proud to announce they will join us again for the upcoming edition. Delen Private Bank focuses on two fields of expertise: discretionary asset management (on behalf of the client) and Estate Planning (succession planning).

“Our mission is to manage and plan our clients’ assets in the best way possible. Protection, balanced growth and intact transfers towards the next generations are our main concerns in this matter,” says Head of Marketing Anne-Sophie Delen. “We found a perfect partner in the Biennale Interieur, sharing our passion for interior, design and art. When everything is seems to be moving so rapidly, we make a call for continuity, security and protection. Moreover, INTERIEUR 2020 emphasizes ‘business for humans’, and private banking is particularly a people’s business."

Biennale Interieur and Delen Private Bank are joining forces for the third year in a row. "Our work is entirely reliant on personal contact with our clients in familiar, homely and secure surroundings. The Biennale and Delen Private Bank envision the same independent, no-nonsense approach. We are not concerned with passing hypes but opt for focused services and comprehensible long-term solutions. With a fresh, open view to the future.”

CAAAP - new partner of the Biennale Interieur

A new sponsor partner INTERIEUR 2020, alongside principal partner Delen Private Bank. 
Together, CAAAP and Interieur will explore meaningful solutions for tomorrow's residential design challenges, among much else.

A new sponsor joins the Biennale Interieur alongside principal partner Delen Private Bank: CAAAP.  You might know this Belgian contract designer and its team of dedicated developers through projects such as ‘t Groen Kwartier in Antwerp, De Nieuwe Dokken in Ghent, and Hoost in Knokke-Heist by Paris architects Jacob + MacFarlane.

CAAAP General Manager Stefanie Vanden Broucke explains how CAAAP and Interieur first met: “We are involved in complex residential and urban projects with the emphasis on their architectural qualities. It is CAAAP’s ambition to create triple A places. These present added value for people and their environment and form a perfect interaction within the existing context.”

“CAAAP and the Biennale Interieur share an audacity to be different,” says Van Den Broucke. "We share a boldness to be different. The audacity to leave room for imagination. Alongside values and vision, we also share the challenges of the future. We both reflect on the city of the future, on compact and more affordable living, on the question of sustainability. Joining forces, we are stronger in our search for result-oriented solutions. “

At the Biennale 2020, CAAAP will support the renewed INTERIEUR AWARD ‘places’. The competition will award projects which showcase an inventive approach to smaller, urban environments. The open call for this award will be launched next year.

Linde Freya Tangelder is designer of the year 2019

Every year, the Biennale Interieur, together with magazines Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend, select a Belgian ‘designer of the year’. This year, the accolade goes to 32-year old designer Linde Freya Tangelder. She works under the name destroyers/builders, and focuses on interior design and products available in limited editions. With her work she perfectly summarizes the zeitgeist.

Originally a Dutch national, Tangelder graduated 5 years ago from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Having already moved to Belgium during her finals, at first she completed an internship at Unfold before starting her own design studio destroyers / builders. At the same time, she started work at the Maniera gallery, which confirmed her conviction there exists a common ground between design and art, and that there can be a fascinating exchange between both worlds.
Her work is distinguished by specific use of materials and diverse textures. Raw, natural materials such as stone, metal and wood show an individual character which Tangelder emphasises with the processing methods she uses. “What inspires me are industrial elements and methods which also retain a certain manual input. The objects are not purely functional, but form a balance between material and form, past and present.”

2019 was a top year for the young designer. Her work was selected for FAR, the first exhibition of the new, contemporary arm of the reputed Milanese Nilufar gallery. Her work also features a.o. at Orlando Brussels, Graanmarkt 13, and Aybar Gallery in Miami. She also collaborates with the Brut designer collective, where she organises themed collections and exhibitions together with other young Belgian design talent. The ongoing collaboration with Valerie Objects, and the opportunity to translate her rather experimental approach into an industrial product, rewards the commitment and unconventional path of this young designer.
Tangelder is very happy with this award: "This award is really special for me, and I certainly did not expect it. In my opinion, everything now comes together, and I'm on my way to find my own place. The fact that this honour already falls to me confirms that I'm going in the right direction.”

The 'Designer of the Year' award is an initiative by the Biennale Interieur npo and the magazines Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend. The award is also supported by the Design Museum Gent, Centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu and Bozar. 


Kvadrat opens residential showroom designed by Vincent Van Duysen

Danish fabric company Kvadrat has just opened its first residential showroom, focusing on its high-end upholstery and curtain textiles as well as rugs and accessories for the home. Located in Chelsea Harbour in London, the elegant space is designed by Vincent Van Duysen, our designer of the year in 2016.

The showroom is inspired by library spaces, conveying a sense of warmth and comfort whilst representing the heritage and expertise of Kvadrat’s residential brands. ‘The almost room-height bookshelves create an intimate atmosphere and a room inside a room installation,’ Van Duysen explains, ‘With this library and its wide range of materials I want to inspire people.’

Primarily aimed at interior designers specialising in residential projects, the showroom will serve as an inspirational resource. With subtle exquisite wooden materials underlining the offerings, completed with exclusively designed table lamps, and a hand-picked selection of chairs and stools upholstered in Kvadrat and Sahco fabrics, Van Duysen created the perfect homelike atmosphere to present Kvadrat’s range of furnishing fabrics, curtains and rugs. 

Kvadrat at Home is located in London at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour.
Kvadrat at Home in Paris will open on the 17 October 2019, followed by another five to six residential showrooms in key cities over the next three years.

Perfect pastels by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Adam Nathaniel Furman's Lumalisk, a 9 meter high obelisk, was one of the colourful eye-catchers at NTERIEUR 2018. In collaboration with the Italian Abet Laminati, the column was decorated with abundant psychedelic patterns, a colourful constant in Furman's work.
Recently, the British artist, architect and designer finished a residential project in Tokyo. Though compact, the pastel-powered apartment speaks to all senses. Again, Furman succesfully displays his understanding of colour and patterns, combining hi-end technology with fine craftsmanship.

Discover more about this colourful project on Adam Nathaniel Furman's website.

Jaime Hayon designs carousel for Swarovski

The Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, guest of honor during the 2008 INTERIEUR Biennale, created a striking black, white and gold carousel for Swarovski's Kristallwelten, the sculpture garden and visitor center in the Tyrolean Alps. Thanks to the geometric shapes, masks and playful drawings, the installation bears a clear Hayon stamp. You don't take a seat on a horse, but in one of the frivolous sculptures: 'For me, the carousel looks like a moving museum,' Hayon explains. 'I started with sketches and figures, and ended with moving sculptures that can be seen as works of art.’

A ride on the carousel is possible until August 31st. All information on the parc can be found on the site of Kristallwelten

Junya Ishigami designs Serpentine Pavilion in London

In the projects of the Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, often shapes and elements from nature can be recognized. The recently opened Serpentine Pavilion is no exception. Ishigami, our Guest of Honor in 2010, describes his installation as "a hill made of stones". A slender steel structure supports a slate roof that floats next to the gallery like a gray, weightless cloud. The experimental 44-year-old designer is the 19th architect in the annual program of the Serpentine Gallery. Ishigami won the Golden Lion Prize in 2010 at the Biennale of Architecture in Venice.

The pavilion can be viewed in London until October 6th. All information can be found on the site of the Serpentine Gallery

Take Part for INTERIEUR 2020 is open

The 27th Biennale Interieur will take place from 22 until 26 October 2020 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Following on from the refreshing 2018 edition, the Biennale will continue its ongoing transformation. During five days the Biennale engages during a limited number of days, in a compact, curated and quality environment bringing international and national brands together with young designers and new talent.

In busy digital times the Biennale Interieur will bring the real experience. Interieur wants to take people into a suprisingly familiar world. A place of unpredictability also, far removed from the beaten path. A place for meeting and reflection.

In a world overloaded with design events shouting for attention, we believe whispering works better than shouting. Exactly because this peaceful approach invites better listening, it will ensure the commercial success for both participants and professionals. Therefor the Biennale Interieur offers a unique insight in what contemporary design is and will do. Do not miss this unique event and take part ! All details on

Biennale INTERIEUR 2018 in the international press

“Belgium might be small but its design industry is punching well above its weight, as evidenced in its biennale,” British journalist Nolan Giles wrote in the international magazine Monocle after his visit of the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018. He continued by saying : “It’s a special event and the curating is so well done that there is actually not one booth that is not interesting; this is unusual for a trade fair.” 

It was only one of many international and national publications on the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018. Belgian magazines such as Knack Weekend, Le Vif Weekend, De Morgen Magazine, Sabato and De Standaard Magazine all dedicated their cover of the design specials to the Biennale Interieur. On an international level reports were published in amongst others Moncole, The Financial Times, Elle Decoration, Ideat, OAK, Design Anthology, Dezeen, Frame and Icon. 


Read the full articles on : Monocle and How to Spend it? 



Objects With Love exhibition in Basel

After being a guest curator at the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018 with the exhibition “Objects with Love”, a collection of 45 objects created by different designers, Connie Hüsser from Switzerland has won the Swiss Grand Prix Design Award 2019. The jury crowned journalist and interior stylist Hüsser for her general contribution to the history of design. “Hüsser’s work does not fit within a conventional design discipline. She collects objects and ideas and transforms them into 3D collages which reflect the future and its trends. Alongside, she forms a link between designers and manufacturers, and creates exhibitions such as “Objects with Love”.


The “Objects with Love” exhibition enjoyed a second life during Design Miami in Basel this year. Among the selection were designers such as Sabine Marcelis and Harvey Bouterse, alongside David Timmis, Fredrik Paulsen, Bertjan Pot, Philippe Malouin and TAF Studio. Connie Hüsser also received the Swiss Grand Prix for Design 2019 during Art Basel and Design Miami / Basel. The exhibition was selected as one of the best venues by Sight Unseen. Read the full article

New Board of Directors for the Biennale Interieur

The Biennale Interieur is getting ready for its next event: the 27th edition will take place next year in Kortrijk, Belgium, from 22 until 26 October 2020. Fully in line with the stimulating 2018 edition, the Biennale continues its transformation. The new appointments for the rejuvenated Board of Directors align Interieur even better with the design community. The Biennale Interieur likes to surround itself with captains of industry and inspiring voices from the creative industries. The Biennale’s new Board of Directors is presided over by Philippe De Jaegere, and its members are: Sophie Bekaert / creative director Hullebusch, Dominiek Callewier / ceo AVC, Tom Corthals / ceo Wildspirit Furniture, Ilse Dedeken / ceo Verilin & agent CC Tapis - More, Bert Fraeye / manager Fraeye Living, Amaryllis Jacobs / Gallery Maniera, Nathalie Lagae / cco Wever & Ducré - Xal, Vincent Meurisse / Collective agency, Peter Monbaliu / sales & development Houtbuigerij Desmet, Marnick Smessaert / ceo Dark, Julie Van Craen / Van Craen agency and Anton Vanzieleghem / ceo Durlet. “For me the Biennale Interieur has always been a highvalue and very accessible event. For visitors it presents a worthy experience, and for exhibitors it pays to take part," as one of the new members witnesses. 

Safari Studios

Kortrijk-based music band Goose officially opens its new studio during the Biennale. Visitors can discover how architect Steven Vandenborre has transformed this former garage into a creative, inspiring environment.   
British-French designer duo Dessuant Bone have created a custom interactive installation. 'IV' is a series of rotating sculptural billboards that communicate through light, movement and sound. The four parts of the installations aim to create a set and visual backdrops that both create impact through movement, light, sound and reflection as well as a dialogue with its viewer or audience through communicative lighting. In addition to the installation at Safari Studios, a second installation is on show at the Biennale in Kortrijk Xpo. 

Safari Studios
Magdalenastraat 56, 8500 Kortrijk

INTSITE.BE Launch & Lecture 'New ways of working'

The brand new interior and design site will launch on October 19th. The site caters to building professionals int the interior and design sector and will bring interesting interviews, reports, product reviews and other news for this target group every week. is, just like its sister site, an initiative of Redactiebureau Palindroom.
To mark the launch of this new platform, they will host a series of lectures on Friday October 19th. Speakers from 3 different bureaus will elaborate on inspiring case studies that revolve around a new way of working and the way in which this has changed the design of offices and working environments. Siska Dhondt (Intra Interior) about offices of Teamleader and Marlon, Frederik Vaes and Massimo Pignanelli (UAU Collectiv) about city office Hasselt and its own office UAU, Serge Haelterman and Bart Canini (Creneau) about ING, bank branch of the future and other cases. Launch and Lecture
Forum Kortrijk Xpo
19.10.18 at 17.00

Objects with Love

During her career as a stylist and journalist Connie Hüsser has been fascinated by young talent, special forms and striking pieces. Her work for the furniture brand Vitra and the magazine Annabelle brings her in touch with designers from all over the world on a daily basis. When design becomes too special for many, her passion only just begins.
At the request of the Biennale Interieur, this Swiss carefully selected 40 objects that are different. Objects made with an eye for detail. Objects with Love.


The Day of Architecture / Dag van de Architectuur ends on a high note with a lecture by Fala Atelier, a young and vibrant studio from Portugal.

Fala Atelier was founded by Filipe Magalhães (°1987), Ana Luisa Soares (°1988) and Ahmed Belkhodja (°1990) in Porto in 2013. Naivety, intuition and rhetoric are the tools that help them approach and design their projects. Their portfolio principally consists of the renovation of apartments located in the town’s historic centre, increasing the useful capacity of limited volumes while at the same time avoiding the everyday aesthetics of rental accommodation.
Paper architecture also plays a major role in their work. Images and drawings form a series of visual metaphors that convey the sensitivity and intentions of each project. These transmit the sense of an inhabited, poetic and playful world, as the architects will have the opportunity to explain at their conference. The lecture is organised by Archipel and Leideal. 

After the lecture, it's dancing time. DJ Da Pierre and DJ Reinout Hiel will make sure you get your groove on at the afterparty organised by BVA. 

Friday 19.10.18
XXL Kortrijk Xpo 


Read all about the 26th edition in THE INTERIEUR GUIDE

Want to know everything about the 26th editiion of the Biennale? 
Read all about this year's Biennale in our guide, including interviews, exhibitors, events, activities and much more. 


DESIGNER OF THE YEAR: Frederik Delbart

For the thirteenth time in a row, a Belgian designer is crowned designer of the year. 
Frederik Delbart, a furniture and product developer pur sang, is this year’s laureate. The 30-year-old designer tries to explore all aspects of design: from the early design to strategic thinking. His designer language also shows an unlikely authenticity. He works for companies such as Recor Home, Quincalux, Aluci, Moome, Ars Fabricandi, Van Den Weghe Items and Per / Use.

WEEK VAN HET ONTWERPEN: architecture lecture

As part of 'Week van het Ontwerpen', Archipel organizes an architecture lecture, in collaboration with Intercommunale Leiedal and Designregio Kortrijk, at the former Sint Maarten hospital in the city centre. Three architectural firms from the Kortrijk region will talk about their work and practice: Still architectuur from Kortrijk, AVDK architecten from Heule and buro aRCHITEC from Wevelgem. Read more about the event and studios here

Thursday 18.10.18
Lokaal JCI, Kollegestraat (next to Guldensporencollege), 8500 Kortrijk


Using his lauded Dubio brick, designer Roel Vandebeek from It's a Roel transforms the majestic entry hall and stairway of the Guldensporencollege. The shadow lines of the innovative gable, produced by Nelissen Steenfabrieken, evoke the illusion of two or three bricks that are piled up, offering new creative options for architects. Using different combinations, you can create play with patterns and geometry.

The staircase is covered with a runner made from Dubio stone strips that accentuate the fluttering shape in a contemporary way, with a new material but with respect for the existing architecture. The color of the stones also matches the original design of the hall.

DISCOVER THE FULL PROGRAMME lectures, talks, exhibitions, ...

There will be a lot going on at Kortrijk Xpo and in the city centre of Kortrijk during the Biennale. 

13.00 - Lecture by Adam Nathaniel Furman - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
15.00 - Speed dating for designers and industry - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 supported by Designregio Kortrijk
16.30 - Speed dating for designers and industry - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 supported by Designregio Kortrijk
20.00 - Architecture lecture by Still Architectuur, AVDK architecten and Buro aRCHITECT - Interieur City Festival
 part of Week van het Ontwerpen, supported by Archipel and Leiedal

FRIDAY 19.10
11.30 - Lecture by Giovanna Castiglioni (OT) - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 supported by Flos
14.00 - Lecture by Dirk Laureys (FAI) and Fredie Floré (KUL) on Léon Stynen - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 supported by Flanders Architecture Institute
16.00 - Lecture by advvt - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 supported by A+ magazine
17.00 launch and cases: new ways of working - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 Inspiring office interiors based on new ways of working by Siska Dhondt (Intra Interieur), Frederik Vaes en Massimo Pignanelli (UAU Collectiv), Serge Haelterman en Bart Canini (Creneau)
18.00 - Trend Talk by An Bogaerts - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 supported by Feeling Wonen / Gael Maison
20.00 - Lecture by Fala Atelier (PT) - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 supported by Archipel and Leiedal

17.00 - Grand Opening Party Interieur City Festival
 food trucks, drinks, late night opening, ... 

MONDAY 22.10
13.00 - BIOLACE – an intrigueing exhibition in Texture that combines the artistical and rare pieces of the finest lace with a biotechnical vision for the year 2050 - Forum Kortrijk Xpo
 supported by Texture Museum
15.00 - Trend Talk by Hilde Francq - Forum Kortrijk Xpo

Buda Libre at Interieur City Festival
 network event for designers, industry, students, ... by Designregio Kortrijk

FRIDAY 26.10 - SUNDAY 28.10
12.00 - 18.00 Interieur City Festival

FRIDAY 2.11 - SUNDAY 4.11
12.00 - 18.00 Interieur City Festival



LIVABLE, a platform under the guidance of Sep Verboom, aims at stimulating collaboration while generating local and global participation with alternative solutions for our industries.

Future industries know their responsibility and have a conscious choice.
Where profit is not only valued by economic terms, but in environmental and social impact as well.
These mutual goals and endless possibilities of rattan wood connected LIVABLE to the German studio Out For Space, the developers of the KARUUN materials. With a patented technology the palm wood is transformed into an innovative material category.

Rattan wood is processed into KARUUN veneer, LIVABLE designer Sep Verboom connected these veneers to the industry of plywood moulding. Creating a whole range of new possibilities with traditional machinery.
We invite you to explore the strength of KARUUN, a sustainable cycle, involving the sourcing of the materials, the processing, the scaling and the implementation. The result is not only a new material, but also an industrial process ready for exploration. Companies, architects and designers of this world, we need you!

LANDMARKS: Conrad Willems

Conrad Willems is a visual artist from Ghent who mainly works with drawings, sculptures and performances. In his recognizable style, he will mount a statue as part of the Landmarks series.
His works are characterized by geometry, repetition and modularity. Both in his drawings and in his sculptures, he strips archetypal architectural forms of their functionality. Willems' sculptures are often built up live, transforming the building up phase into as a sort of performance art. Here he plays with the components of his work: building blocks can be disassembled, combined and reconstructed in order to explore the used material and building techniques. 




Fast-forward to the year 2050. Overpopulation, climate change and extreme resource shortages challenge us to think in a radically different way. New organisms have been genetically engineered to produce textiles and improved food crops … all in one plant.

Although currently not possible today, such synthetic plants could exist in 20 years’ time, according to some scientists. Carole Collet, professor in Design for Sustainable Futures at Central Saint Martins, London, combines design and science to explore efficient and sustainable alternatives. The way we design and produce future textiles will be radically different. The project introduces four imaginary plants: Basil n° 5, Gold Nano Spinach, Factor 60 Tomato en Strawberry Noir. Their DNA has been reprogrammed so that their roots grow in a lace pattern.

To these four plant themes, Texture links unique historical pieces from the museum collection. Past and present interwoven in an unconventional lace exhibition with a challenging perspective. Would you eat a vitamin-rich black strawberry from a plant that has also produced your little black dress? Welcome to the world of BIOLACE.


Carole Collet has been working on BIOLACE since years, a research that connects textiles, food production and sustainability. The current exhibition in Texture presents her biotechnological vision of the future combined with a selection of high-quality, rare lace from the museum collection. At INTERIEUR 2018, the professor explains the current state of research in an inspiring talk. Where are we now? What are the prospects of a thorough synthetic biology?

“Carole Collet has dedicated her career to developing a new vision for design, and pioneered the discipline of Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins fourteen years ago. She is now a full time Professor and her current research work is focused on biodesign, biofacturing and high-tech sustainability.

Collet operates within a long-term framework and her research targets the year 2050 and beyond. By anticipating future key socio-economic factors and technological timelines, she aims at impacting today’s design directions so as to enable a more resilient and sustainable future.

Her design vision fosters an integration of the design process in scientific arenas so as to develop meaningful sustainable future products and services. Collet’s ambition is to elevate the status of design to become a powerful tool that contributes to developing innovative paths to achieve the ‘one planet lifestyle’.”    


Expo: Texture, Noordstraat 28, Kortrijk
Lecture: 22 oktober 2018, 13h00, Forum Kortrijk Xpo
Interieur City Festival: Sint-Maartensziekenhuis, Burg. Vercruysselaan 5, Kortrijk 



Delen Private Banking presents the oeuvre of LEON STYNEN

Few Belgian architects leave such an impressive and diverse oeuvre as Léon Stynen. For over 50 years, he worked as an architect, urban planner and designer. Stynen took on projects throughout the country, with a passionate preference for his hometown Antwerp. 
Léon Stynen is celebrated the whole year under the name of "Stynen2018", an initiative by Flanders Architecture Institute that puts the spotlight on Stynen with exhibitions, lectures, tours and more. Delen Private Bank - principal partner of Biennale Interieur once again - honours this great architect with an exhibiton at Kortrijk Xpo. Since its foundation in 1936, the bank has been fully committed to art, interiors and design. Anne-Sophie Delen (pictured with her mother Mrs. Marie-Alix Delen), responsible for marketing and communication, explains where that passion and engagement come from. 

What is Delen Private Bank’s story at this year’s Biennale?
"We are staging an exhibition on Léon Stynen, on the occasion of #Stynen18. Perhaps the name Léon Stynen is not immediately familiar, but I'm sure everyone knows at least one of his works. The BP building and deSingel in Antwerp, or the casinos in Ostend and Knokke. All of them are prime examples of modernism in Belgium. Our Biennale exhibition will present drawings, photographs and scale models of some of his works. We will also show the connection between Delen Private Bank and the architect, and with Belgian architectural heritage in general.”

Where does this link with Léon Stynen come from?
"First of all, his BP building is our temporary home during the renovation of our head office on the Jan Van Rijswijklaan in Antwerp. Not only was Léon Stynen an architect and designer, he was also the founder of architecture education in Antwerp and an important promoter of modern architecture. We recognise ourselves in his search and support for young talent. We also share his drive to protect, develop and acknowledge Belgian architectural patrimony. We are proud to honour him during this Stynen year.”

Why is Delen Private Bank so involved with art, design and interior?
"I feel that it's our mission, that this is part and parcel of who we are. It's in our genes, really. It was my mother who started decorating our offices in a cosy and homely way, which immediately put our colleagues and clients at ease. For a few years now, together with my mother, I have been responsible for the interior design. We are attuned to each other and form a good team. My mother taught me that beauty and art are imperishable, always a valuable inspiration.
In the meantime, our "Delen touch" has become part of our DNA: using vintage design pieces, we create a homely and eclectic atmosphere complementing the abstract art collection of the Bank. Thanks to driving force Philip De Ferm, the bank also protects and promotes abstract Belgian art. Belgium is full of artistic talent and their works are part of our common heritage. They deserve protection and recognition. In a time where hypes and fashions are capricious and short-lived, we vouch for continuity, security and acknowledgment with a fresh, open outlook towards the future.”



Studio Achoo is an allround design studio with a focus on sustainability, from furniture and interior design to lighting and 3D-printing. Designer Bart Van Houcke often uses renewable and upcycled materials, often treading new ground. The Moro chair (Norwegian for fun) is the result of a collaboration between Studio Achoo, startup Colossus 3D printing and Tomorrowland. The small version of the chair is printed in 1 hour, the larger one takes about 5 hours. The sturdy materials and easy care make Moro the perfect outdoor chair, although it is an eyecatcher indoors as well. You can discover the chair near the central entrance of the Sint Maarten hospital, alongside other desig from the studio. 


Creative agency Nightingale and Belgian design brand D&M collaborate on an experimental installation. ANTIDOTE 2X19 takes the visitor on a journey through an estranging world where post-relevant topics take the lead.

Visitors are offered a cure: the Remedy of Relevance. Through a conceptual waiting room, where greenery suppresses humanity, you are lead to the operation room, ready for a symbolic injection. This infusion of meaning and sense can help to get a clearer vision on the future of design.  

A collaboration between nightingale and D&M

Photo: The Future Laboratory Health and Wellness campaign. Photography Louise Hagger



HOWEST LABEAU is a creative academy experiment. LABEAU, by Howest University of Applied Sciences, unites product design, digital design and game design. What do they have in common? A creative thirst to experiment!


LABEAU occupies an entire hallway at the Sint-Maarten hospital, lifting the veil of three experiments: Digital Design and Development (Devine) will light the sky with hundreds of IV bags. Take your shovel and sculpt your own virtual racing track with sand in a room of Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE). Industrial Product Design (IPO) will (try to) beat the world record organic leather growing. 


AKT is a new independent magazine in search for greatness in a small corner, abstraction in the mass, with a keen eye for timeless aesthetics and a nod to Belgium's creative landscape of architecture, design, fashion, food and beyond. For the inaugural issue, Piet Albert Goethals and Jessy Van Durme will use the Guldensporencollege as a backdrop for an expo, reinforcing the content of the magazine with unpublished images, a showcase by SX, projections and installations, ...


Frederik Bogaerts and Jochen Sablon take materials under their skin to feel, become and be them. As SMENT, they deconstruct and reassemble a material to fully explore its possibilities, ending up with a design that uplifts but not outshines the core material. A SMENT design gives matter a pedestal that is both functional and sculptural. During Interieur, they will present new and existing objects in the Gestalt series, exploring the possibilities of concrete. Both brutal and elegant, all objects share the fundamentalist approach: no superfluous features, but focus on the most important characteristic: the material.


The Floor is Yours returns to Kortrijk Xpo. This part of the Biennale Interieur offers a platform for young designers, new studios, creative collaborations and educational institutions.  More than 50 participants will take on the challenge and shape their piece of the puzzle in a suprising and innovative way. 

PUSH Collection (BE) - Mala Leche Design (BE) - Atelier Piraat (BE) - Rolf Engelen (NL) - Bulvar (BE) - Unit 14 (BE) - - HoWest IDC (BE) - Bultin (BE) - Fie Malem (BE - rform (BE) - Studio Philipp Beisheim (DE) - Luminello (BE) - Esther Van Schuylenbergh (BE) - Andrea Furniture (BE) - Hanyang University (KR) - Nadine Daro (BE) - Hollands Licht (NL) - Elisa Uberti (FR) - ANNCOX Glass Jewelry (BE) - David Hoppenbrouwers (BE) - Studio Plastique (BE) - Anna Rosa Moschouti (BE) - Objectsfor (FR) - Ebanisteria Meccanica (IT) - Made in Africa - Designregio Kortrijk (BE) - Marco Rocco Studio (IT) - Thomas More Mechelen (BE) - Kunsthochschule Kassel (GER) - Copain & Achoo (BE) - Simon Van Pottelbergh (BE) - Benediktus (BE) - TreeSpoke (BE) - Fragmenture (BE) - Ykoon Design (BE) - Studio Van Campenhout (BE) - Huis Mortier (BE) - LIVABLE (BE) - VONDST (BE) - Shepherds Place (BE) - Bart Lens (BE) - etre moderne (BE) - Frits Jeuris (BE) - KULEUVEN (BE) - Wünder (BE) - hit-liners (BE)


vormen is a young 4-headed design collective that produces furniture, objects and projects. From their atelier in Ghent, vormen seeks to translate pure and naïve ideas of design and furniture into objects made by hand.
Dreaming, producing, planning and prototyping: everything takes place under the same roof. vormen creates with a deep reverence for art and a great pleasure for craft. During the Interieur City Festival, they will present a collection of their objects including a mirror, chairs, a lamp and a table. 



The interactive exhibition #LANDSCAPES invites you to join the quest of imagemakers through the ages, to techniques that convey landscapes in a realistic and convincing way. You explore the evolution from painting to gamedesign while exploring treasures from the City Museums of Kortrijk and the renowned school for gamedesign Digital Arts & Entertainment. 

From astonishingly refined paintings to virtual and interactive settings, you discover the power of classical craftsmanship combined with the infinite possibilities of new technology. Step into a world that is in full development, and experience what happens when past and present join forces. 

#LANDSCAPES is a project by Buda vzw, HoWest / Digital Arts & Entertainment & Stedelijke Musea Kortrijk in collaboration with Biënnale Interieur, Limen Visuals & Stad Kortrijk



'Week van het Ontwerpen’ presents young promising design talent at the exhibition We Are The Next Generation, part of the Interieur City Festival.

190 student projects were submitted via an open call to students and schools. According to the categories Architecture, Multimedia Design and Product Design, three advisory committees were set up that assessed the works on their social relevance, their innovativeness, their durability and their exhibitability. 44 works were selected. The next generation designers.

 The exhibition will be extended with the winners of the OVAM Ecodesign Awards for students and with a selection of international student work. Last year Kortrijk was included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as city of design. Two other cities from the network, Graz (Austria) and Saint-Etienne (France) will exhibit their best student work.

 'Week van het Ontwerpen' is an annual recurring event about creativity and design. It is a collaboration between Designregio Kortrijk, Howest, city of Kortrijk, Voka Chambre of Commerce West Flanders, Intercommunal Leiedal and Biennale Interieur with the aim to highlight the added value of creative technical design education as a catalyst for regional development.

DAG VAN DE ARCHITECTUUR: lectures and talks

FRIDAY 19.10.2018
'Dag van de Architectuur' (Day of Archtecture) celebrates architecture, architects and ... 
On Friday October 19th, a selection of international guests will host a series of inspiring talks that will tackle a wide array os subjects and styles. 
All talks are free and will take place in the Forum and XXL room of Kortrijk Xpo. 

Giovanna Castiglioni (IT) 
Giovanna Castiglioni will discuss the incredible legacy of her father, Italian design master Achille Castiglioni. 
in collaboration with Flos

Léon Stynen 
Dirk Laureys (Flanders Architecture Institute) and Fredie Floré (Faculty of Architecture KULeuven) will pay homage to the Belgian architect Léon Stynen. They will tackle the general framework in which his creations came to life, while also emphasizing his interior work. Part of the Stynen2018 year, this lecture is one of the many activities celebrating the oeuvre of this versatile and active architect. 
in collaboration with Flanders Architecture Institute 

Jan De Vylder (BE)
De Vylder Vinck Tailleau won this year's Silver Lion in Venice for their design of  Caritas, the renovation of an old psychiatric clinic in Melle, Belgium. With their architectural intelligence, skill and humanity they have used the decay of the different existing buildings as an inherent part of the project. The radical free strategic thinking employed by DVVT lead to a completely unexpected and wonderful solution where past and the present, tactile materiality and ephemeral memory intertwine. Architect Jan De Vylder will elaborate on his practice and how they approach architecture.
in collaboration with A+ magazine

Fala Atelier (PT)
The young Portuguese Fala Atelier was founded by Filipe Magalhães (°1987), Ana Luisa Soares (°1988) and Ahmed Belkhodja (°1990) in Porto in 2013. Naivety, intuition and rhetoric are the tools that help them approach and design their projects. Their portfolio principally consists of the renovation of apartments located in the town’s historic centre, increasing the useful capacity of limited volumes while at the same time avoiding the everyday aesthetics of rental accommodation. Paper architecture also plays a major role in their work. Images and drawings form a series of visual metaphors that convey the sensitivity and intentions of each project. These transmit the sense of an inhabited, poetic and playful world, as the architects will have the opportunity to explain at their conference.
in collaboration with Archipel en Leiedal

DJ Da Pierre and DJ Reinout Hiel
 organized by BVA


SCMP DESIGN OFFICE, led by Sébastien Cluzel & Morgane Pluchon from Paris, won the Objects Awards for their lamp Dorval. 
A tribute to the origins of industrial design, DORVAL consists of four aluminium heads with LED panels, taking equal inspiration from airport runway lighting and the essential qualities of a chandelier. Equipped with slip-rings, each head can be turned to distribute light in any direction. The central body establishes a vertical reading of the piece, leading from the fixture itself all the way up to the ceiling. The soft colour of DORVAL’s aluminium body adds further warmth to the design, directly referencing the Motobécane AV88, an iconic French motorcycle and popular symbol of the ‘Trentes Glorieuses’ post-war period. The industrial origins and striking form endows it with the versatility to perform in a wide array of situations: above the dining table, in the living room and even in the office.


One of the two winners of the Objects Awards this year is Belgian designer Bram Kerkhofs. His storage system COIL gathers effiency with aesthetics. Using elastic wire as front material, Bram creates a striking yet functional solution. Functioning as a semi-transparant curtain, the wiring allows for clean storage while adding an eye-catching element. 
Bram's background as a goldsmith and stonemason explains his eye for detail and passion for materials. His architectural, almost mathematical approach can be seen in both the practical elaboration of his projects as the underlying systemic concepts. 

INTERIEUR FESTIVAL: Wunderkammer by Harvey Bouterse

Fashion and ceramic designer Harvey Bouterse (BE) presents a Ceramic Wunderkammer, filling his empty hospital room with treasures that immerse the visitor in the world of a ceramicist. His eclectic way of working takes you on a journey through small and large pieces of ceramics, intertwined with works of Wouter Hoste (BE). Bouterse uses brutalist shapes, primitive influences and his Southern-American background as base for his intuitive, bright pieces of art.

DESIGN FUSION: the process of meaningful design

DESIGN FUSION brings international experts from IBM, Base Design, Philips Lighting and TU Delft together on 18 October at INTERIEUR 2018 for keynotes, master classes and one-to-one advice on meaningful design processes. We are surrounded daily by designed objects, but what makes a design a good and meaningful design? What is the impact of a good design? And how do you create innovative companies that strive for a better world with sustainable and innovative products or services?

This international business design summit aims to strengthen the competitiveness of companies by inspiring them to design new products or services. It is also the meeting place for entrepreneurs and creative designers.

From 2 pm to midnight, entrepreneurs and creative designers are expected in the XXL room at Kortrijk Xpo for a diverse and challenging program. The four-part program wants to connect and inspire about meaningful designs and design processes.

Participation is free. You register via where you compose your own program.

2 keynote programs focus on meaningful design processes, both from a different perspective.

Common Space Talks (2 pm - 6 pm)

Designing public space in a meaningful and creative way is always a challenge. Inspire yourself by three experts, each with their own perspective for facilitating and enriching public space design trajectories, during the Common Space Talks. Their specific starting points and emphases ultimately serve the same purpose: shared, thoughtful and sustainable public space that invites, challenges and amazes. Join us in interaction with the following 3 enthusiastic speakers:

Zuzanna Skalska (PL), expert in innovative trends and design, shares ideas and inspiring solutions to discover and explore the unpredictable future together.
Internationally renowned product developer Stefan Schöning challenges the audience step by step to think about new processes and cocreation trajectories that lead to an attractive and creative design of the public space.

The Kortrijk social entrepreneur and 'Stuyfster' Eefje Cottenier allows the audience to experience the strength of groups working together through practical insights. She talks about the process of facilitating mass co-creation for products or services with a social impact.

Meaningful Design Talks (7 pm - 9 pm)

Let's talk about meaningful design! How do you create impact with good design? What is a good design? How do you communicate about that? And how do you encourage people to strive for a better world with meaningful products and services? By applying design thinking. Our 4 top speakers explain why and how.

Social designer and assistant professor Social Design & Behavior Change Nynke Tromp (NL) wants to use her research to bring knowledge to designers to develop designs that facilitate prosocial behavior in a natural and organic way. Her most recent work links this way of intervening to large- scale social issues such as the exhaustion of our fossil fuels, immigration or even obesity.

Thierry Brunfaut (BE) is creative director and founding partner of Base Design. Thierry puts graphic and conceptual simplicity first in all its projects - both for the development of a visual identity and for an advertising campaign - in order to communicate effectively. "Design not for designers. Design for people" is one of his mottoes. Thierry believes in the power of words in design, in creative autonomy, teamwork and the pleasure of continuously changing processes.

Pierre-Yves Panis (FR) has been Chief Design Officer at Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) in Eindhoven (NL) since 2015. Before that, he led international design teams at various large companies, including Orange and Legrand (FR). For Moen, a crane manufacturer from the US, he worked as a chief designer. His philosophy is that design must always start from a necessity or need.

Concluding speaker Joni Saylor (US), IBM manager of the Design Practices team, will demonstrate the importance of design thinking in all business departments and explain how she realized this and, as a result, successfully strengthened IBM's competitive position. Saylor is VOKA guest speaker.

From 14h to midnight, 9 organizations from Flanders, Wallonia and Northern France will share their expertise in the expert area. Do you want to learn how to pitch, do you have an innovative idea, but do you lack the know how to implement it, do you have a question about intellectual property or branding of your product, then the expert area is the place to be to ask all your questions.

Flanders DC, VOKA West Flanders, Protopitch and other organizations that offer innovation support are present in the area!

Design Fusion offers last but not least a platform to 11 young designers from Flanders, Wallonia and Northern France to present their latest products to the general public. Are you curious about the sleek chair designs by Thibault Florin (ISATI, BE) and a new 3D-graphic seat by Bart Van Houcke (Studio Achoo, BE)? Or to the lamps of the French designers Quentin Vaulot and KNGB (FR)? Or the beautiful objects of the Walloon Studio Owoy and Celia Stercks?

ISATI. creative studio; StudioUnica.Be; Jordy Van Hoegaerden & Livia De Clercq; Studio achoo; Tim Defleur; Benjamin Helle & Arthur Lenglin; Quentin Vaulot; StudioTwinsParis; kngb creation; Nicolas Destino; Studio Woy; Celia Sterckx

They will also pitch their products in the 'Interior Arena' of BIENNIALE INTERIEUR between 3 pm and 4 pm and between 5 pm and 6 pm. Get to know this young and promising talent and be surprised!

Antwerp Management School's design and innovation professors focus on sustainable design during 2 masterclasses based on user insights or employee experience design and on how companies can create a sustainable innovation mindset in all their departments.
These master classes are mainly aimed at entrepreneurs who want to interact in a limited group about these themes.

14h - 16h Employee experience design
4 pm - 6 pm Design with sustainable focus





DESIGN FUSION is being drawn by Designregio Kortrijk (Flanders), Maison du Design (Wallonia) and Lille-design (FR) within the larger whole of TRIPOD II, an interregional cooperation project between Flanders, Wallonia and France to stimulate design thinking.

DESIGN FUSION is free if you register via the website
DESIGN FUSION is possible through the cooperation and support of:

Partners: Lille Design (FR, Lead partner), Aditec Pas-de-Calais (FR), CCI Grand Lille (FR), Designregio Kortrijk (VL), Antwerp Management School (VL), Design Innovation (WA), Progress/Maison du Design (WA), IDETA (WA), Héracles (WA), Wallonie Design (WA), Leiedal (VL), Métropole Européenne de Lille (FR) 


LANDMARKS: Chmara.Rosinke

From their studios in Berlin and Vienna, Maciej Chmara and Ania Rosinke design, direct and execute objects, interiors and pop-ups from concept through to creation. 
During #INTERIEUR18, they will showcase their take on a quintessential kiosk as part of the 'Landmarks' series. "We want to talk about the history of the kiosk and its role in urban structure. Besides the commercial consumption of information, the kiosk has always been a hub for gossip and a local meeting place." Chmara.Rosinke strives to combine craftsmanship with a conceptual and ecological approach, realizing both commissioned and self-initiated projects. Many of their works are inspired by functional and socio-cultural aspects: "The owner of a kiosk was a well-informed person, always in the know about what was going on in his or her neighbourhood. Our installation will evoke this process of unfolding and opening in an architectural sense, while revealing information about the kiosk itself to the audience by adding a booklet that gathers photos, quotes, stories, articles, ... about the use of kiosks."


Sabine Marcelis will make sure you enter the Sint Maarten hospital with a bang. Marcelis has roots in The Netherlands and New-Zealand and works from Rotterdam. Working at the intersection between installation and object design, she’s looking for ‘moments of magic’ when it comes to new materials and different manufacturing processes. Neon and bright oranges will take the lead in this piece. Her characteristic use of materials and colours make her one of the must-watch designers of the moment. She is represented by galleries all over the world such as Etage Projects (Copenhagen), Gallery Bensimon (Paris) and Victor Hunt (Brussels) and she has worked for numerous clients like Celine, Burberry, Aesop, Eastpak, Vogue and many more.


Creative office DIFT - remember the Eyes / Nights Only hotel in 2014 and the design club last edition? - launches The New Masters, gathering 20 talented designers from different fields to play around with graphic design. In their own unique way, the participating designers will reinterpret graphic design from the past 50 years in design and interiors.
Design Museum Ghent and Biennale Interieur provided a vast archive of magazines, books and catalogues in which the artists could come and browse, looking for inspiration and creativity. Although they all took off from the same starting point, the resulting works will be very different. Some artists will focus on a colour, others on shapes and others on a particular trend or brand

The historical approach of Specht Studio and Levi Lanser will lead to a poster and publication. Adriaan Tas and Luca Beel are working on a room divider based on the original INTERIEUR logo by Boudewijn Delaere. Wonderwalls will create a splendid mural based on the archive. Fien Meelberghs and glass artist Veerle Verschooren collaborate on a glass window for the chapel of the former hospital. Inge Rylant will join forces with Kewlox, developing prints for the iconic Belgian cupboards. There will be something for everyone, and for all ages: Bureau Grusenmeyer is working on a children's book while DIFT is creating a puzzle that allows you to develop a new shape with each combination.

The archive itself will also make the move to Kortrijk. Visitors will be able to consult and browse through hundreds of magazines and catalogues from the past 50 years. You'll also print a number of the designs in a limited edition, taking the expo home with you. In the same way as the artists, the archive will inspire and trigger the audience, turning it into an atelier as well

LANDMARKS: Studio Verter

Apart from the overall scenography of the expo halls this year, Studio Verter will also take one of the landmarks under its wings. They will present a reinterpretation of an archetypal column, playing with the sculptural aspects of a seemingly simple shape and material.
Composed of galvanized steel tubes - a simple base often used for traffic signs and scaffolding systems -, their column will transcend the purely utilitarian.The footprint, a parallelogram, also subverts preconceived notions of orthogonality. The concavity of conventional fluting is inverted as the convex tubes reach up to emphasize the verticality of the statue. Horizontal surfaces intersect the lines, defining a precise rythm between four modules.


Curious to see the entire scenography? See more images here



Wilde Westen - an artistic concert and festival organisation - curates the expo ’Sound Art To Object’ at the Sint-Maarten hospital. This sound experience gathers 6 artists who will join sound and matter in ‘sound objects’, reflecting on questions related to the theme of the Interieur Festival, To Object. ‘To Object’ has a dual meaning, both as a noun and as an active verb. What is an object? What is its function. How is it realized? How does it generate meaning?
The expo zooms in on the artist who is observing our daily reality, reflects on it in his works or radically opposes to it to offer other alternatives. Among the selected artists are Els Viaene, Kurt d’Haeseleer, Pascal Broccolichi, Stéphane Kozik, Floris Vanhoof and Kate Moore. - full programme announced on September 6th 

LANDMARKS: Adam Nathaniel Furman

Based on the archetypal layout of an Italian piazza, Studio Verter has designed the expo halls to become like a city-in-a-city. Based on iconic objects like a kiosk, a bench, a column, ... various artists will present their take on one of these quintessential objects. 

Adam Nathaniel Furman, artist and designer based in London, will present the Lumalisk. This 9.5 metres high obelisk blends tradition with a contemporary edge, as if it was "smashed through a kaleidoscopic blender of 21st century ornament until it becomes a kind of ancient-futuristic digital artefact". This colourful, playful statue will mix reality with illusion, digital with analog and will surely have you looking twice. Together with the Italian company Abet Laminati he is bringing this obelisk to life.

Furman's work ranges from architecture and interior design to sculptures, installations, journalism and product design. Whatever the project, it always involves extensive research. As Furman himself says, he is an avid collector: he keeps digging into his subject until he has explored it way beyond the surface. The balance between the depth of his almost obsessive research, and the joyful, sensual experience of his often playful, colour-bursting work is the interplay that makes Furman’s work so distinctive. His work ‘The Roman Singularity’ was shown last year at the Sir John Soane’s museum during the London Design Festival. Magazines like The Observer, Metropolis and Elle Decor Italia called him new talent to watch last year.


INTERIEUR FESTIVAL takes over the city centre

INTERIEUR 2018 expands beyond the exhibition halls again. Under the title TO OBJECT, the renewed Interieur Festival guarantees a surprising and creative city programme centred around the premises of the now defunct Sint-Maarten hospital. 

Various young designers and emerging studios will use the abandoned Sint-Maarten hospital as a backdrop for their creative concepts. Exhibitions, workshops, lectures and performances are planned at different locations in the city centre.
The Interieur Festival also runs a little longer than the Biennale Interieur and is organized in collaboration with numerous cultural players from Kortrijk and beyond.

- Sabine Marcelis (NZ/NL) operates at the intersection between installation and object design and will make sure you enter the hospital with a bang. 
- Fashion and ceramic designer Harvey Bouterse (NL/SUR) presents a Ceramic Wunderkammer, filling his hospital room with treasures that immerse the visitor in the world of a ceramicist. 
- Creative branding agency DIFT (BE) presents ‘The New Masters', inviting 20 artists to reinterpret the characteristics of graphic design in the interior and design sector over the past 50 years. 
- Piet-Albert Goethals and Jessy Van Durme introduce Akt, a new independent interior and lifestyle magazine.
Wilde Westen curates the expo ‘Sound Art To Object’, gathering 6 artists who will join sound and matter in ‘sound objects’.
Sep Verboom (BE) and his studio LIVABLE collaborate with traditional communities around the world aiming for a social, ecological and qualitative revolution of the traditional industries. - SMENT (BE) presents new additions to their Gestalt range of material-based objects.
- It's a Roel (BE) presents an installation in the majestic entry hall of the Guldensporencollege.
- The Moro chair by Studio Achoo (BE) will be a perfect resting spot. 
HoWest takes over an entire wing of the hospital for HoWest LABEAU. 
- #LANDSCAPES is an interactive exhibition by Buda vzw that joins painting and gaming. 
- Week of Design / Week van het ontwerpen is the platform for inspiration and the exchange of know-how between the industry and the creative educational field. The exhibition ‘We Are The Next Generation’ gathers the best student works from different creative educational institutions in Belgium and the North of France.
- In addition to the shop in the Kortrijk Xpo, creative studio Baroness O. also hosts, curates and designs the official shop at the Interieur Festival. Moreover, lunch bar Cantine provides a healthy, quick and tasty offering of snacks and drinks. 


Thursday 18th - Monday 22nd October 2018
12.00 - 20.00
Grand Opening Party on Saturday 20.10 from 17.00 - 22.00
Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October 2018
12.00 - 18.00
Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th November 2018
12.00 - 18.00
St Maarten Hospital
Burgemeester Vercruysselaan
8500 Kortrijk




#INTERIEUR18: highlights

Even though summer has only just started, there is already a lot to look forward to in Autumn.
Mark your calendars and make sure you don't miss INTERIEUR 2018.

  • INTERIEUR 2018 opts for a more compact and professional format and will run for 5 days from October 18 to 22 in Kortrijk Xpo. 
  • The scenography is in the hands of Claudio Saccucci (IT) and Roxane Van Hoof (NL) from Studio Verter. They will create an archetypal piazza that will cross and connect several halls.
  • Various designers, architects and artists - including Conrad Willems (BE), Adam Nathaniel Furman (UK), Chmara Ronsinke(AUT) and Arno Brandlhuber (DE) - will add unique installations.
  • Young talent receives a designated area in The Floor is Yours. 
  • The winners of the Interieur Awards - including  Bram Kerhofs (BE) and SCMP Design Office (FR) - will be presented in an exhibition. And the 3 winning bars - Café Gyproc, Geofood and Bar Op - will welcome the visitors in an original setting. Discover all winning projects here.
  • The to-be-announced designer of the year will also have its own personal exhibition 
  • A unique city program will engage the entire city of Kortrijk

What's going on at #INTERIEUR18?

On Thursday 31.05, the programme of the 26th Biennale Interieur was presented during the press conference at KANAL / Centre Pompidou.INTERIEUR 2018 will be a Biennale where young talent takes centre stage. In addition to an innovative scenography and custom installations, the upcoming edition also surprises with a city festival at a unique location. 

Discover more pictures of the press conference here

- The 26th Biennale has opted for a more compact and professional format for and is now running for 5 days from October 18 to 22 in Kortrijk Xpo.

- The scenography in the exhibition halls is in the hands of Claudio Saccucci (IT) and Roxane Van Hoof (NL) from Studio Verter. 

The Floor is Yours, the platform for young talent, returns to the Kortrijk Xpo. 

- The centre of the city also does not escape the creative and surprising design talent during INTERIEUR 2018. The Interieur Festival brings a surprising selection of names and creative projects to the disused Sint-Maarten hospital. Among others, Sabine Marcelis (NZ / NL), Harvey Bouterse (BE / SUR) and Sep Verboom (BE) are present. The city festival runs simultaneously with the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018 and will remain open to the public for two more weekends.

INTERIEUR AWARDS These are the winners

Young talent and promising designers find their way to the Biennale through the Interieur Awards, allowing them to present their ideas to a large and professional audience.
The winning projects for this year are again a fine sample of what is going on in design at the moment, presenting a very diverse range of themes, materials and functionalities.

The jury has consisted of leading captains of industry, designers and design critics for many years. A mix of people who, in one way or another, play an important role in the contemporary design and architectural landscape. The jury this year consisted of Patrizia Moroso (IT), designers Sebastian Herkner (DE), Alain Gilles (BE) and Dimitri Bähler (CH), journalist Tom Morris (UK), and architects Glenn Sestig (BE) and Alex Mustonen of Snarkitecture (USA).



Café Gyproc - Julien Renault & Paul Vaugoyeau (Brussel, BE & Stockholm, SE) /


Geofood - Raams Studio (Valencia, ES)


Bar Open - Matyas Molnar, Maros Somora & Christian Vajda (Gent, BE)




Out of more than 100 submissions from 17 different countries, the jury chose not less than eighteen objects that will be shown at the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018. As proof of the very high quality of the entries, the shared first prize goes to the Belgian entry COIL, an ingenious and smart rack designed by Bram Kerkhofs and the French design agency SCMP DESIGN OFFICE for their Runway lamp.


COIL - Bram Kerkhofs (BE)

honourable mentions
PONTIUS - Sylvie Van De Walle (BE)

FLIP - Christian Hammer Juhl + Jade Chan (NL)


extra selected objects for the exhibition

A TRAVERSER - Bedrossian + Servaes (BE)
BRUT - Barh (BE)
CUMUL - Bina Baitel (FR)

FUR LIGHT - Bina Baitel (FR)
DIVERSITA - SCMP Design Office (FR)
HOOK - Jacopo Ferrari (IT)
MANARI - Gunther Pelgrims (BE)

PARADOSSO - Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte (BE)
THE MAT - Lisa Stolz (OOS)
URBAN SHAPES - Nortstudio (BE)
WAVE SERIES - Sohn Donghoon (KOR)

WOMPOO - Nikolai Kotlarcyk (DK)

INTERIEUR AWARDS: winners announced soon!

The winners of the Spaces Awards were already picked at the end of April, and last week the jury members gathered in Kortrijk to select the winning entries in the Spaces category. 
Alain Gilles (BE), Sebastian Herkner (GER), Tom Morris (UK) and last edition's winner Dimitri Bähler hard a hard time choosing their favourites. 
The winning objects and the 3 concepts that will be installed during the Biennale in October will be revealed soon! 

In the mean time, read more about journalist and jury member Tom Morris

What is ‘design’ according to you? Intention. Broadly, design is the result of someone setting out to achieve something. That could be function, use or aesthetics - for better or for worse - but it's never an accident. 

Which aspects will you pay attention to while judging the awards? Quality, imagination and originality.

Name an iconic piece of design. The original iPod was such a hugely exciting, perfect piece of design, which came at a time when an overwhelming amount of ‘content’ was still a novelty. I’ve kept all of mine and they already look weirdly old-fashioned

If you could travel in time, which era in design would you visit? I’d like to visit either a shipbuilders in the 1930s to see the great Art Deco cruise ships being made, or Japan in the 1950s or Brazil in the early 1960s.

Do you have any advice for young designers? With social media being so integral to designers’ careers these days, it’s very tempting to create design that is skin-deep: something that looks impactful but achieves nothing. It’s important to ask ‘why’ and not only ‘how'.

The Floor is Yours: send in your ideas now!

The Floor is Yours is a platform for young designers and new designer-driven labels to showcase their works in an experiential, surprising setting during INTERIEUR 2018. The Floor is Yours is an open call. Elected projects are allocated a part of the available floor space within the Rambla of the Kortrijk Xpo venue to create inspiring installations.
More than merely product presentations, The Floor is Yours puts emphasis on spatial experience or installations. We’re looking for complete settings that pay attention to details and styling, exude creativity and demonstrate a fresh take on the idea of a fair booth. It is also possible to take part in group, reinforcing each other in creating an enticing, versatile presentation.


At the end of last month, jury members Glenn Sestig and Alex Mustonen came to Kortrijk to take a look at all entries in this year's Spaces Awards. The winners have been chosen and will be revealed during our press conference on Thursday 31st of May. In the mea time, discover more about jury member Alex Mustonen, founder of New York-based architecture studio Snarkitecture.

What is ‘design’ according to you? 
A piece of design should still fulfill a functional goal while also creating a memorable experience for the user. 

Name an iconic piece of design. 
Everyday design - things we don't even think of as being designed - are some of my favorites. A Post-it Note is something most people take for granted but to me it's an icon. It's a perfect, minimal object but also incredibly useful. By combining an accidental discovery (the low tack adhesive) with an everyday object (a scrap of paper), they created something no one knew they needed but you can now find all over the world.

Do you have any of advice for young designers? 
Work hard. The creative aspect of being a designer is off course critical but learning and being smart about the business side of things will allow you to succeed as a designer and ultimately make better, more creative work.


Three winning concepts of the Spaces Awards will be made real during the Biennale in October. An international jury will decide which projects will make the cut. One of the jury members is architect Glenn Sestig, internationally lauded for his minimal yet glamorous interior designs and products.  Discover his all-time favourite piece of design and what he will be looking at while judging the entries.

What is design according to you? 
First off, I don’t really like the common interpretation of the word ‘design’ these days. For me, ‘design’ can be linked with almost anything: objects, buildings, clothing,… However, they all need to be well thought off and crafted with great care in order to differentiate it. The best designed pieces are often created by designers who dare to combine different influences and are trying to do something unique. In the history of architects, Mies Van der Rohe, Jean Prouvé, Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames have mainly designed pieces of architecture but their language can be translated into pieces of timeless design of any scale.

If you could travel in time, which era would you like to visit?
The modernistic era, rooted in Europe, is a time frame I believe to be of great importance for the further development of general architecture. The leading actors - for me - Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Eames and Marcel Breuer have shaped so much more than their own projects, They set an example for many generations to follow.

What's your advice for young designers? 
Don’t get claustrophobic in your own field of design! Expand your horizons and your source of inspiration. For example architects who only read architectural blogs and/or magazines will eventually struggle harder to create their own identity. Let fashion, art, cars and even smaller items such as stationery objects inspire you to translate those influences in your field of design. Be unique


Durlet celebrates 50th anniversary with new designs

Messeyne chair and table by Gerd Couckhuyt.

Messeyne chair and table by Gerd Couckhuyt. 

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Belgian classic Durlet has infused their collection with new additions. Durlet – who haven’t missed a single edition of Biennale Interieur - and young designer Sylvain Willenz join forces on this new, airy sofa. Yale is a comfortable, cosy seating unit that will make you feel as if you’re floating on air. But that’s not the only new things they are presenting. Gerd Couckhuyt designed the elegant curvy Messeyne Table, matching the existing Messeyne Chair. Durlet prides itself on its collaborations with renowned national and international designers, and will keep doing this in their eternal search for perfect proportions, intense comfort and craftsmanship.


Dimitri Bähler's collection of colourful, tactile ceramics was lauded with the Grand Prize in the Objects Awards 2016. Two years later, the Swiss designer is one of the jury members who will elect this year's winner.

What did winning the Interieur Award mean to you? I feel very honoured to have won this price. At the time, I couldn’t believe it when they called me to say I was the winner. Winning the Grand Prize also gained me quite a lot of attention from journalists and press, which is always nice for a starting designer. Getting my name out was definitely helpful for the next steps in my career. My collection had already been on show at Villa Noailles in Hyères and the combination of both opportunities was really a big chance for me.

How did you prepare yourself for your application? As it often goes in a contest, it was a very last-minute decision. I had already developed the 'VPTC' project and a few days before the deadline i just decided to go for it, which turned out to be a very good decision

What are you up to now? I just moved in a new studio in the small city of Biel in Switzerland. I’m working on a lot of things actually. Some of the VPTC pieces are on show in Tokyo and Zürich at the moment. I just launched a series of three side tables for Moustache at Maison & Objet in January which is a kind of development of the VPTC series, and will soon release a floor lamp series for Established & Sons, which will also be presented during the Milan Design week. Next to that, I’m also working on a project called ‘Sumida Contemporary’ in collaboration with an urushi craftsman, exploring Japanese lacquerware.


Global communications agency Camron PR will support Interieur when it comes to press relations, media coverage and creating a buzz. Their ample experience in the business will make sure INTERIEUR 2018 will be seen and visited by just the right people.

Anti-design by NEMO and Rudi Ricciotti

Rudy Riciotti's new design for NEMO.

Rudy Riciotti's new design for NEMO. 

As one of the global leaders in lighting, NEMO is always striving to create innovative cutting edge design. Founded in Milan in 1993, NEMO represents, within the design lighting producers’ scenario, a benchmark name, going back to the roots of innovation that has always inspired Italian design. The collection of contemporary design includes models conceived by Carlo Forcolini, Jehs + Laub, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, Ilaria Marelli, Foster+Partners, Hannes Wettstein and Roberto Paoli. Alongside with this wide range of products, Nemo edits the Masters collection, a unique selection of icons, realized by designers that have provided a fundamental contribution to the creation of the contemporary design: Le Corbusier, Vico Magistretti, Franco Albini, Charlotte Perriand and Kazuhide Takahama. They will present their new autumn innovations, including his original design by Rudi Ricciotti, Marseille-based architect. Balancing industrial rigor and a punk attitude, “But more than this I am not able” is a sort of manifesto against the design of objects. Shaped as a beam, outlined with LED’s, Riciotti sees his lamp as “an extreme reduction of any carbon footprint”.

by Lassen & Danish heritage

The Tired Man armchair and footstool, and the Anoon trolley.

The Tired Man armchair and footstool, and the Anoon trolley. 

What began as a way to bring Danish designers Mogens and Flemming Lassen back to life, is now a full-blown furniture brand. By Lassen wants to work with good design, whether historical or contemporary. They regularly look through their vast archives sourcing for inspiration. The legacy Mogens and Flemming left behind is still hiding new icons that are waiting to be discovered. By Lassen treats these pieces how they should be treated: staying true to the original, looking for the best materials and producing locally. They will present a series of new products, including Flemming Lassen’s My Own Chair from 1938 and the Anoon drinks trolley from 1943. The Tired Man armchair from 1935 is given an accompanying footstool. The Amfie collection marks an important new move into tableware for by Lassen and the German Design Award winning Frame shelving system is introduced in a new convenient side table size.

Endless possibilities with Dekton

Dekton surfacing.

Dekton surfacing.

The revolutionary Dekton and Dekton XGloss imagine a new concept in the world of design and architecture. Because of its unique characteristics, it can be used in endless applications such as worktops, flooring, cladding, indoor and outdoor facades, … Dekton is made from high-end materials that are also used in the fabrication of glass, porcelain and quartz. It is highly durable and easy to maintain: UV, stains, scratches, heat, ice abrasion, … stand no chance. From marble-style black to glossy white, the material is available in a wide array of finishes making it perfect for many situations and projects.

Clowns, ballerina's and balloons: Alessi goes to the circus

Marcel Wanders for Alessi.

Marcel Wanders for Alessi. 

Marcel Wanders and Alessi head to the circus. Clowns, elephants, tents and strongmen are reinterpreted as kitchen- and tableware. Five limited-edition figures and 29 new products are part of the festive new universe Wanders created. "The circus is larger than life," the designer says, "The pageantry and astonishment from what you see, hear and feel never leaves you. That one-of-a-kind magical feeling is now celebrated through this innovative collection." Each figure – limited to 999 pieces – is made from steel plate using a combination of lost-wax casting, machine processing and laser cutting and is decorated by hand. Marcello the Strongman, Valentina the Ballerina or Gilberto the Jester: all characters are bound to liven up you living space. The sculptures are accompanied by a collection of bowls, coolers, mugs, and container, all clad playful circus-themed patterns in sparkling colours like yellow, red, black, white, gold and silver. This brand new collection will be presented at Interieur in the aptly named Circus, an eventful on-site space hosted by King George. 

INTERIEUR AWARDS: Sebastian Herkner

Prolific German designer Sebastien Herkner is one of the members of the bury that will decide which objects will win the Grand Prize in the Interieur Awards this year. 
Discover more about his work, ideas and inspiration. 

What is ‘design’ according to you? Design is a message which is always connected to the present and its society. It is not only about the looks, it is about a deeper layer of meaning. 

Name an iconic piece of design. The 218 chair by Thonet. It still fascinates me how they made it possible to bend the wood in that way. This innovation made it into an inspiration for a lot of others chairs and products in the coming years.

If you could travel in time, which era in design would you like to visit? I think it would be the Art Deco times definitely with all these beautiful crafts and ornaments in design as well as in architecture.

Which aspects will you pay attention to while judging the awards? I think it is most important to see a personal, unique attitude and message of the designer in the product.

Do you have a piece of advice for young designers? Don´t just look for the big established design companies when creating a network or looking for producers. Try some local craftsmen in your town or country, as this will often create a very different interaction and maybe allow you to see more ways of creating.

Transforming block into beauty : Hullebusch collaborates with Michaël Verheyden

Natural stone by Hullebusch.

Natural stone by Hullebusch. 

Hullebusch focusses on the inherent beauty of natural stone. Key asset of this Belgian-based company is its power of integrating the latest design trends into its collections. Bold new applications of timeless materials are apparent in kitchen designs, furniture, bespoke interiors, … In 2014, they collaborated with Brazilian designer Marcio Kogan for a stunning mosaic collection based on basic geometric shapes. This year, Belgian designer Michaël Verheyden – one of Wallpaper’s Power 200 – gets his hand on a new collection of objects inspired by the strength and power of natural stone.

Indera celebrates its 10th birthday!

Royale one-seater by Beaverhausen for Indera

Royale one-seater by Beaverhausen for Indera

This year, Indera celebrates its 10th birthday. This Belgian brand was conceived by Carl Meers, whose family already had a tradition in seating furniture under the name of Mecam. In 2004, Carl presented his ideas to launch a new brand under a new name. He wanted to bring contemporary, high-end, creative pieces that offered a different experience to its users. The name ‘Indera’ refers to the Indonesian word for ‘sense’. He gets designers like Fabiaan Van Severen and Wim Segers aboard and launches his first collecton in 2006. Ever since, they have been working hard. Not only in Belgium, but on an international scale. In 2014, They receive the prestigious Henry Van De Velde Award for best design company, praising their “good concept and good story”. After 10 years, Indera has changed a lot but is still faithful to its original concept of thought-through, modular, inspiring seating furniture. Designs by names like Bram Boo, Stephan Schöning, Benjamin Hubert, … only add to its vision. To celebrate this joyous occasion, they will present a variety of new pieces which will be on show for the first time during Interieur 2016. Up to the next 10 years!

Intuition, modernity and memories of the past

Contemporary designs by Atelier Haussmann

Contemporary designs by Atelier Haussmann

Atelier Haussmann was founded with the awareness that good design must be both functional and timeless. Brothers Andreas & Rainer Haussmann started their dream in 1990 in Berlin, guided by these inspiring words: “Fashions and trends come and go. We don’t follow any fashions. We try to do as little as possible when we work on our product design. It’s up to the product itself – its desire to be a bed, a hook or a table”. Without following ephemeral trends or hypes of the moment, Atelier Haussmann flows it intuition and openly aims for high quality materials and modern design. Inspired by the past, their designs often hint at iconic pieces of the past, reinterpreted in a modern, contemporary way. They work together with local craftsmen to provide the best production standards for their designs.

Fusing age-old techniques with modern technology

Hug arm chair by Giorgetti

Hug arm chair by Giorgetti

Giorgetti goes back to more than a hundred years ago, when the brand started in Brianza, Italy. Up until today, it forges ahead with innovation while keeping its patrimony and experience as cabinet makers alive. One of their newest designs is the Hug arm chair, which unites a wooden load-bearing frame with softly-shaped upholstery. The cushions seem to be embraced by the stark frame, making for an appealing contrast. Years of tradition allow Giorgetti to fuse age-old techniques with modern technologies. An eye for detail, high quality materials and high-end techonologies make for an elegant, resourceful style. The innovative machinery used allows the wood to be shaped while still respecting its orginial nature, as well as aiminfgfor minute detailing. The hand of true artisans adds a unique layer that cannot be found in mass-made objects.

Arts, craftsmanship, tradition and technology

Artful carpets by Thibault Van Renne

Artful carpets by Thibault Van Renne

Thibault Van Renne launched his eponymous label in 2006 focusing on luxury carpets in original patterns and colours that make a bridge between past and present. Combining technology and craftsmanship, he draws inspiration from art, and fashion. Blending classical influences with a modern touch and incorporating many cultural influences, his carpets fit in a wide variety of interior settings. All carpets are made from natural materials and are manufactures in the Middle East by highly skilled, traditional weavers, meeting the highest quality standards. During INTERIEUR16, he will present a brand new collection of luxury rugs.

Endless possibilities with HI-MACS®

Lucia collection by Marcel Wanders for HI-MACS®

Lucia collection by Marcel Wanders for HI-MACS®

HI-MACS® - a brand of LG Hausys – is a premium Solid Surface used in a wide variety of projects and designs. As a Natural Acrylic Stone™, this innovative, non-porous material can be used in multiple contexts, from residential to retail and from indoor surfaces to outdoor designs. HI-MACS® boasts a list of unparalleled qualities: versatility, thermoforming, durability, invisible joints, waterproof and hygiene. It can be customized as you please, offering a wide array of colours, shapes and patterns. During Interieur 2016, Engels Design and Decoration will showcase the vast array of possibilities of the HI-MACS range, whether in a bathroom or kitchen or as a façade or counter top. Renowned designers like Thierry Wille and Steven Boudewijn, artist Denis De Gloire and more will demonstrate the surprising uses of the material. New colour lines, developed by Marcel Wanders, will also be in the spotlight. His Lucia collection is a subtle combination between the look of the material and the playfulness of tone-on-tone colours. The depth in the material is created by inlaying particles that bring out an organic appearance and a warm, chic atmosphere.

Beltrami joins forces with Luce di Carrara and Lorenzo Damiani

Lorenzo Damiani for Beltrami

Lorenzo Damiani for Beltrami

Beltrami Natural Stone meets Luce di Carrara during Interieur 2016. Designer Lorenzo Damiani will create a unique setting in which the natural, elegant characteristics of natural stone will stand out. Architectural lines, pure whites and uplifting silver, grey tones will set the tone. Beltrami will present a series of new interior projects which combine the unique features of marble with design aptitude derived from a strong industrial tradition. A distinctive range of products will be shown in which innate beauty is perfectly associated with usability, versatility and reliability. One of the products on show will be Damiani’s newest ‘Tavoli’ project; a table which unites functionality and aesthetics in a minimalistic form.

Starled: a new outdoor mirror by Deknudt Mirrors

Starled by Deknudt Mirrors

Starled by Deknudt Mirrors

Starled is a unique mirror that adds an unexpected, elegant touch indoors as well as outside. Deknudt Mirrors specialized in the whole range of mirrors, bringing Belgian expertise to a global level. In the vision of Deknudt Mirrors, a mirror is created by the extraordinary and subtle mix of craftsmanship, strong ideas and the right materials. Starled is made from a completely waterproof material, so you can use it in your bathroom, a hallway or a pool-side terrace. The piece especially makes its mark at night, using its handy built-in wireless lamp. The lamp and its colours can be controlled from a distance using a remote control.

The family Stone by Metalarte

Sharon Stone lamp by Metalarte

Sharon Stone lamp by Metalarte

Metalarte, Spanish decorative lighting brand, presents Stones, a new family of lamps named after prominent family Stone members. Oliver, Rolling and Sharon are created from a material with stone-like qualities and manufactured by moulding. Forming a hybrid between architectural concrete and artificial stone, combining digital technology with manual production, Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda have designed and developed this collection of three lamps. All the models share the same material but each has its own personality and functions. Sharon is a desk lamp with a cylindrical base and shiny. Rolling is a portable and versatile and particularly suitable for indoor-outdoor spaces like porches and terraces. Oliver is a bollard for outdoor installation that does not rust.

Stack, build and arrange with Speetbox

Speetbox by Starck combination

Speetbox by Starck combination

Speetbox by Starck introduces the possibilities of customization to heating furniture. Where a typical wood stove or fireplace doesn’t offer major flexibility, the design of the Speetbox is conceived as a stackable module of cubes. Developed by Speeta and designed by Philippe Starck, the units can be arranged in an endless number of variations. “We wanted to design something more than a simple wood burning stove. It is a genuine piece of high performance heating furniture, embedded with all the latest technology to satisfy eco-responsible requirements”, says Guillaume Boutte, chairman of SPEETA. The boxes can serve multiple purposes. They can be used as a stool, a shelf or a bookcase. One box has been designed to store and dry wood. On top of that, the entire system - hot air distribution, power, speed, lighting, electrical outlets and even an analysis of the stove’s emissions – can be handled from a distance using the app. Maintenance is made easy by the accessories that come with the wood-burning stove that are specifically designed for this collection. A shovel, tongs and brush are discreetly tucked away in one of the doors.

Effegibi combines relaxation and technology

BodyLove sauna and hammam by Effegibi

BodyLove sauna and hammam by Effegibi

Heat technology and wellbeing become an all-round sensory experience in Effegibi’s new BodyLove spa. A combination sauna and Hamman fuses design and technology because of the sensory effects that are the use of created by suffused light, different colours and aromas. The high-tech performance of the system is flanked by a soothing, calming environment.  Like all Effegibi products BodyLove offers countless personalisation options for the materials used and the way they are combined, including non-catalogue options, to create a genuine made-to-measure spa area. Two different layouts are on offer, both imbued with the same philosophy. One is designed on for private use - a personal spa designed to become an integral part of the home - and the other more ample solution is designed for public spaces like hotels, sport centres, spa’s, ...

Keeping it cool with Aqualex

Bronze Twin Touchpad by Aqualex

Bronze Twin Touchpad by Aqualex

The stylish Twin Touchpad in bronze is one of the latest addition’s to Aqualex expansive range of water cooling systems and will by launched during INTERIEUR 2016. Aqualex specializes in water cooling and filtering systems, offering easy to use and efficient coolers, taps and filters to both companies as private persons. This new built-in water cooler looks particularly elegant because of the sleek finishes and streamlined design. Only the tap itself is visible: all control buttons are carefully hidden in or below the working surface. It also offers 5 types of water, making it unique in its kind. Regular hot and cold water is accompanied by filtered chilled water, filtered sparkling water and filtered boiling water.

From dusk till dawn with Extremis

Sol+Luna recliners by Extremis

Sol+Luna recliners by Extremis

Extremis will take us back to summer days in October. Revolving entirely around the brand new Sol+Luna range, Extremis will show how to perfect the art of all-day lounging. Sol+Luna is a two-in-one piece that takes you from sunbed to sofa and from day to night. The recliner has a convenient shelf to keep your sunglasses, cocktails or magazines close. This shelf swiftly transforms into a backrest, creating a comfortable three-seater. The compact, adjustable shade provides light and can be fitted to the sofa with a simple plug-in system. The range also comprises handy side tables with the same plug-ins to create an even bigger lounge system. Other extra options include cushions, holder and even a little locker to keep your belongings safe. Sol+Luna exists in two versions. Australis has a clean, architectural feel while Borealis has a more organic vibe. From morning dip to late-night after-party: Sol+Luna is everything you need.

BORA Basic BFI awarded 'Best Product of the Year'

Cooktop with integrated extractor by Bora

Cooktop with integrated extractor by Bora

BORA, headquartered in Bavaria, specializes in innovative cooktop extractor systems that draw vapours downwards thanks to the use of patented technology. One of their latest creations has recently received the Plus X Award for ‘Best Product of the Year 2015/2016’. The jury gave the BORA Basic BFI - a compact system comprising a cooktop with an integrated extractor - the seal of approval as ‘cooktop extractor of the year’, praising its innovation, high quality, intuitive use, streamlined design and outstanding performance. Chefs and amateurs get maximum performance and timeless elegance: surface induction, innovative touch-operated round slider technology and a premium-quality, stainless steel air inlet nozzle are all features of the compact and user-friendly all-in-one system. The induction cooktop with a width of 83 cm enables users to simultaneously cook with four large pots and pans without any area restrictions.

Infinito: simplicity at its purest by Davide Groppi

Infinito lighting system by Davide Groppi.

Infinito lighting system by Davide Groppi. 

Italian lighting specialist Davide Groppi will present a series of new models during INTERIEUR 2016 including Infinito, a minimal yet expressive concept. Simplicity, weightlessness, emotion and creative invention are the fundamental components of each object or project designed by Davide Groppi, and these elements are also discernible in his latest design. An homage to Lucio Fontana, Groppi was inspired by the idea of light without boundaries: « I wanted to express only its essence and poetry. Infinito, from my way of looking at things, is pure light.” The Infinito system consists of a thin strip of composite and dissipative material with two tighteners at each end, allowing to cut the strip to any length and position it both horizontally or vertically.

Artisan's passion for wood

Neva chair by Artisan

Neva chair by Artisan

Artisan, first-time visitor of the Biennale, is a Bosnian brand specialized in the manual production of high quality furniture made from solid wood. And they do love wood. The factory grew out from a traditional woodwork shop in shop Ćostović, with a 50-year experience of wood processing, to the contemporary design brand it is now. As they say: “Our main production tools are the hands of our artisans.” They work with skilled and trained craftsmen who know how to turn a designer’s idea into a unique piece of furniture. Artisan had their first experiences in furniture production for Dutch and British designers and started their own collection in collaboration with a number of regional designers in 2007. Ever since, they have expanded their technological expertise and vision on the precious material that wood is. Solid oak tables, European walnut chairs or a cherry tree cabinet: they deliver top-quality pieces which radiate a passion for wood.

Van Marcke launches flexible Mobilo® collection

Van Marcke's new Mobilo® system

Van Marcke's new Mobilo® system

During INTERIEUR 16, Van Marcke will launch Mobilo®, a new concept in the Van Marcke Collection line based on endless flexibility. Van Marcke, specializing in bathroom, kitchen and heating design, has always put emphasis on product and innovation. This first own furniture concept goes beyond a traditional take on bathrooms. Developed by Belgian designers and made in Belgium, Mobilo’s modularity makes sure it can work for everyone’s style and budget. The range starts from one basic piece that can be altered and added to in numerous ways. It can be combined with different sizes and pieces, and you can have your pick from different colours, materials, finishes, handles and accessories. These possibilities result in a unique, personal creation that surpasses a traditional take on bathroom furniture and fully aims at integrating the concept of ‘living’ in the bathroom as well.

STUDIO|Nedda creates a fairy-like bed with LS Bedding

Nedda El-Asmar for LS Bedding

Nedda El-Asmar for LS Bedding

Nedda El-Asmar, Belgian Designer of the Year 2007, will make an inspirational Magnitude® installation with LS Bedding, presenting two contrasting set-ups where fairy tales come true and princesses will feel at home. The LS Bedding group designs, fabricates and markets high-quality ergonomic sleep concepts and systems, offering solutions for the nightly needs of all possible sleep patterns. Magnitude® is an original concept that allows creating a very personal luxury bedding. Modern or classic, minimalist or over the top: you can decide how to sleep. A thorough eye for ergonomics and comfort combined with unique styling possibilities makes this range unique in its kind. STUDIO|Nedda will create their fairy-like world, inspiring you to do the same.

Clean lines and balanced lightness with Alape's new Folio line

Folio bathroom by Alape

Folio bathroom by Alape

Folio is more than a simple washing table. By expanding the technological possibilities of glazed steel, Alape created an elegant, delicate solution that is characterized by a homogenous, stylized look. The idea, a design by Gerard Busalt, makes table and basin become one fluent entity, creating a modern, seamless look. Flat surfaces, a geometric base and a minimal radius are the result of precise handicraft. The glazed steel, with a thickness of 3 mm, folds around the washing table, covering it like a thin piece of paper. The lightness and functionality of the material allow Folio to create a balance in the bathroom, fit for everything a modern bathroom needs to be.

Allaert Aluminium and Studio Dessuant Bone transform windows into sculptures

Studio Dessuant Bone for Allaert Aluminium

Studio Dessuant Bone for Allaert Aluminium

During Interieur 2016, Allaert Aluminium joins forces with Paris-based Studio Dessuant Bone. Together they will present a series of interactive sculptures and installations, embracing the full potential of the Allaert Aluminium products. These minimal yet striking sculptures combine the know-how and high-end design of Allaert Aluminium with a creative look on the Otiima low profile frames. Windows and doors are put in a different perspective, presenting them as if they were pieces of art. The colours, movements, forms and dimensions of the sculptures aim to guarantee maximum exposure with a unique engaging experience. The setting will show a high level of creativity while informing viewers about the qualities of the used frames. As they explain, Allaert Aluminium and Studio Dessuant Bone for a perfect match: “Working with Allaert Aluminium was an ideal collaboration for since we share the same values and philosophy when it comes to design. When visiting Allaert Aluminium we quickly understood that the company is always striving to further the capabilities in their field and we knew that we had the potential to create something exciting and engaging together, this with the added facet that it is a local company with history in Kortrijk makes for the potential of a special project.”

INTERVIEW - Tal and Joli team up with Sylvain Willenz for a surprising collection

Sylvain Willenz for Tal and Joli

Sylvain Willenz for Tal and Joli

Belgian brands Tal and Joli will join forces with world-renowned designer Sylvain Willenz for a complementing, reinforcing furniture collection. Layers is an in-depth collaboration between three big names in their respective fields. Tal is known for its technical skills while Joli’s focus lies on material development.  Sylvain Willenz took on the challenge of combining those two elements in one surprising collection.
Read the full interview with Sylvain Willenz

Bogaerts Label presents two new collections

Siren chair by Bogaerts Label.

Siren chair by Bogaerts Label.

Bogaerts Label was founded in 2014, working with furniture, custom projects and interiors. During INTERIEUR16, Dutch designer Philip Bogaerts will launch two additional collections, including a new set of stackable seats and tables. One of his current pieces, the Siren chair, will also receive an update. Siren is a colourful design by Chicago-based Jacob Nitz. The stackable chairs come in a wide variety of colours, with the possibility of creating a personal finish to make the chairs blend in with the rest of your interior. The framework is made from strong powder-coated steel, and the upholstery is done with high quality, long-lasting fabrics. A version with arm rests will be presented during the biennial. Bogaerts Label aims for accessible, elegant designs. Their products come from looking at the way people use, place and live with furniture. Quality, durability and user-friendliness are key words in all their designs. The products they produce are suited for project and domestic markets and adapt to any interior, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, home or office.

Bautier presents new additions

Wardrobe by Bautier.

Wardrobe by Bautier. 

Bautier presents a whole new range of elegant, timeless furniture to complement its current collection. Marked by the same high quality, simplicity and functionality as the existing pieces, the collection is reinforced by a new batch of simple yet smart objects. A highly functional wardrobe, a two-legged bed frame, oak storage boxes … make Bautier’s collection fit for every room in the house. Designer Marina Bautier, who founded her own brand in 2013, attaches great importance to quality. She wants to be able to follow the entire process up close, from concept to sales. She now produces her furniture in Belgium and in Germany. The pieces are produced in small batches, and only available at her showroom in Brussels. The new pieces will first be released during the Biennale in October.

Inspired by rocks, gems and minerals

Mineralis, a linen collection by Verilin.

Mineralis, a linen collection by Verilin.

Mineralis, Verilin's newest linen collection, is inspired by rocks, gemstones and minerals. The ‘jewellery of Mother Earth’ has had a profound impact on humankind, up until today. Gems are valued for their beauty and ability to bring good fortune. The purity and authenticity of these stones tell a mysterious tale, backed by the enormous diversity of shapes and colours. These natural aspects are translated in a muted, understated collection of 100% linen textile. Pillows, tablecloths and duvet covers are decked in subdued patterns and earthy tones. As per usual, Verilin opts for the highest quality. Their focus on tradition, craftsmanship, innovation and creativity turned them into one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of luxury linen. Verilin knows how to work on innovation and technology without losing touch with tradition and craftsmanship. High-tech equipment allows them to experiment, while keeping touch with their heritage: the entire production process - from weaving to finishing- happens in-house in Belgium.

Elegant sturdiness by PER/USE

PRELUDE bench by Caroline Voet for PER/USE.

PRELUDE bench by Caroline Voet for PER/USE. 

PER/USE, a Belgian design brand, offers a timeless, functional collection with a contemporary twist. Focus of their collection lies on craftsmanship, especially in a world where mass production and consumption is often the main road. They mainly work with natural materials like wood, glass, marble and cork, and their entire collection is produced in Europe. PER/USE works with a combination of upcoming and established designers. One of them is Caroline Voet, whose latest design is a collection of benches that look light and powerful at the same time. PRELUDE – referring to arts and music – was originally conceived for the backstage area at De Singel, an arts centre in Antwerp. By taking those benches out of their original context, PER/USE wants to give it a wider, different reach. The benches are made from a sturdy metal base, combined with a fluent wooden top. They have a strong visual impact, but also think about comfort and ergonomics.

Crystal clear tunes in all rooms

The new KNX music server and app by Basalte.

The new KNX music server and app by Basalte.

Basalte has recently released the KNX music server, completing the Asano system. The new Asano S4 music server with intuitive app and the M4 multiroom amplifier offers a crystal clear audio in a virtually unlimited number of rooms. Its highly flexible and scalable, making it a perfect fit for an un limited number of rooms. Four digital audio streams – with a lot of management options and profiles – allow you to stream content from an iOS device to different spaces. And you can also add radio stations and access your music library. Wherever you are, you can get access to your favourite songs. The interface and management tools give you the chance to organize rooms by floor or category. So you create specific playlists for your bathroom or kitchen, and swiftly turn up the music making use of a handy app.

Ron Gilad creates a museum-like setting for the new Flos collections

Flos' Flagship Store at Corso Monforte during Salone del Mobile 2016

Flos' Flagship Store at Corso Monforte during Salone del Mobile 2016

Flos presented a wide array of novelties during the Salone in Milan. While the Professional Space was entirely decked out with designs by Vicent Van Duysen, Ron Gilad transformed the flagship store on Corso Monforte into a mini gallery where new pieces of the Home and Outdoor collections were presented to the public. These new pieces include designs by Michael Anastassiades, Jasper Morrison, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Urquiola and many more. As always, the designs and displays were characterized by a sleek, understated approach in which the timelessness of the objects received full attention. The products were outlined by wooden frames or placed on pedestals, presenting them as if they were sculptures or paintings.

Normann Copenhagen presents Ace, the lounge chair that fits in a suitcase.

Normann Copenhagen's Ace Collection

Normann Copenhagen's Ace Collection

Normann Copenhagen’s booth at the Salone in Milan was all about their new Ace collection. Designed by Hans Hornemann, Ace adds a touch of luxury in a handy fashion. Inspired by his own life in Copenhagen, he combines quality and aesthetics with flexibility and price. The Ace Lounge chair has a luxurious, attractive feel in a flat-pack concept. Hans Hornemann has worked intensively on the all stages of the design process, from shaping and manufacturing, to logistics, storage and transport. Ace can be disassembled and is a space-saver when transported or stored. Perfect for urban metropolitans in need of quality, with added ease of use.

Durable's Flex lamp makes light come to you

LUCTRA Flex lamp by Durable.

LUCTRA Flex lamp by Durable.

Durable newest Luctra member brings you good light at any time of the day, without the use of electricity. Because of a new battery technology, the cordless, portable Flex lamp can be used at any place at any time. An integrated lithium-ion battery powers the lamp for up to four hours. The lamp can be rotated, and colour and brightness of the light can be adjusted personally. This lamp can fully adapt to the circumstances, improving concentration and offering more productivity without becoming fatigued. Luctra Flex has already received awards for its innovative functionality and modern minimalist design. It was awarded the ICONIC Award by the German Design Council in November 2015.

A new lobby for ORAC

The entrance hall at ORAC HQ.

The entrance hall at ORAC HQ. 

Italian architect Orio Tonini transformed the new lobby at ORAC, Belgian specialist of architectural profiles, into a space suffused with a 3D-feel. Using Antonio, a system of indirect lighting profiles from the Ulf Moritz design collection for Orac Décor. The surprising shapes of the profile-range can be combined in different forms, and have the possibility of integrating led lighting strips on the open-ended side. “By playing around with different positioning and dimensions, Antonio-profiles combine to create unique effects”, says architect Tonini. “Antonio is both beautiful and practical at the same time. The profiles are practical as well: energy-efficient, invisible lighting, works as an up- or downlighter, atmospheric indirect light, … Because of the integrated led lighting, there is no need for separate lighting fixtures. The Antonio cornices are made from Purotouch, an extremely strong, high-density polyurethane foam with a smooth surface. They are also very light and easily applicable because oft the use of DecoFix glue.

Pastoe lets Joost decide

NOON  cupboard by Pastoe.

NOON cupboard by Pastoe. 

Endless options, combinations and possibilities don’t make it easy to cut the cord. To make things easier, Dutch design brand Pastoe offers the Joost Selection. Creative director Joost picks his favourite pieces and composes his version, settling the matter for you. His eye for upcoming trends and bold vision make sure these pieces have a timeless yet original look. The first selection included Vision & Boxes, Frame, Landscape and A’dammer, and has now been expanded with other products. Cupboard Noon, for example, received a Pine Green update. Pure, a wall-mounted cabinet, plays with the contrast between a decent grey outer finish and a playful ginger inside. Because these models can be produced before-hand, they combine a quick delivery time with an attractive price-setting and a guaranteed show-stopping look.

XAL shows what technical lighting can do today

A bundle of NOD lamps by XAL.

A bundle of NOD lamps by XAL.

At the most recent edition of Light+Building in Frankfurt, Austrian lighting brand Xal emphasized the possibilities of technical lighting today. Research and development has a top priority the last few years, promising an important role in years to come. A monolithic, black space formed the backdrop for an array of technical innovations. One of their technologies is X-Talk, which enables wireless communication between the user and individual lights or groups of lights. They have also expanded the range of their Bio Pulse Intelligence. This technology was initially designed as a lighting system for patient rooms where the colour temperature changes during the day to reflect natural light, and thus encouraging recuperation. Now, they are introducing this idea in other living spaces such as the office, hotels, shops and homes. Improved performance and increased subjective well-being are just two of the many benefits that users have sensed when using Xal’s new range.

Graphic, bold, spontaneous: Petite Friture encourages young talents.

PARROT side table by India Mahdavi for Petite Friture.

PARROT side table by India Mahdavi for Petite Friture. 

Launched in 2009, Petite Friture developed an extensive, powerful collection over the years. As a design editor, the French brand wants to support and promote young talents. Their catalogue exists of objects, furniture and lighting created by designers like Andreas Engesvik, POOL, Georgia Zanellato and many, many more. India Mahdavi created PARROT, a series of two “chatty indoor and outdoor tables”. The glazed steel table top resonates with the elaborately drawn leg while the bold use of colour exudes joy and contrast. Used by itself or as a set, these tables can add a graphic, spontaneous touch to both indoor and outdoor settings.

Retro charm by Wever & Ducré

Wetro luminaire by Wever & Ducré.

Wetro luminaire by Wever & Ducré. 

Wever & Ducré made the switch to LED lighting already a few years ago. Why? Because they save space, save resources, and offer greater quality of life. The Belgian-based company, founded in Roeselare in the early eighties, have made state-of-the-art, creative LED solutions their main goal. One of their latest additions is Wetro, a hand-blown luminaire. The deep dark colour comes from plating a glass body in copper or vapour coating it in black. Wetro can be easily extended into a chandelier, making it fit for many occasions. Different sizes can be combines and put together, creating an entirely different atmosphere.

Stonetto by Duravit: bringing nature inside

Stonetto shower area by Duravit.

Stonetto shower area by Duravit. 

Stonetto is a collection inspired by the looks and qualities of a stone, adding a touch of nature to your bathroom. A robust yet pleasant surface adds a soft, soothing edge. Designed for Duravit by design trio EOOS, the water-washed stone surface look in this shower tray is made from DuraSolid Q, a specially developed mineral that is used in bathrooms fort he first time. The matte shower area and drain cover form a single visual unit, resulting in an authentic-looking, harmonious whole. To fit in most settings, Stonetto is available in beige, anthracite and white.

Functional yet playful lighting by tossB

Ypso hang lamp by tossB.

Ypso hang lamp by tossB.

Belgium-based lighting brand tossB has recently added a series of novelties to their collection. Including designs by Sylvain Willenz and David Dolcini, the new fixtures are another example of their tossB’s principles. Light has a unique place in our lives, with a big influence on our sense of well-being and liveliness. ‘Ypso’ is designed by Jos Muller, who was inspired by the shape of the letter ypsilon. The three legs spread light in three directions, creating a large area of illumination. When you combine multiple lamps, you can create structures in the air. Three steel cables hold the lamp up, allowing you to install it horizontally or oblique by adjusting each cable individually.

Mix and match with Pentagono

Pentagono collection by JORI.

Pentagono collection by JORI. 

To meet the need for a more flexible, mobile way of living, JORI focusses on accessories in this new collection. Pentagono is a series of matching poufs and side tables by Italian designers Pocci + Dondoli, that allow easy switching. Named after its shape, the Pentagono collection is shaped as a right-angled pentagon. The soft angles are not only easy on the eyes, but have other assets too: in whatever way you decide to sit, you always have knee support; no need for unnecessary lifting; all tables and poufs are easy to mix and match, … All pieces of this series are off course – just like all other JORI products – produced in Belgium.

PJ MARES presents 'the world's best kitchen' during their first time at Interieur

NOMAX kitchen by Brussels-based PJ MARES

NOMAX kitchen by Brussels-based PJ MARES

First-time participant PJ MARES blends interior design with old school furniture manufacturing. As they say themselves, they combine “the logic of the Scandinavians and the sexiness of the Italians”. One of their latest ventures is NOMAX, an ambitious project to design the world’s best kitchen. They wanted to create a sustainable, super-efficient kitchen that could compete with professional ones. To obtain this, they twisted the regular kitchen structure upside down. They went for a simple, solid steel structure with wooden drawers instead of the regular particleboard and light metals. NOMAX is colourful, adaptable, fully demountable and almost fully recyclable: "Between the various modules , we can make even smaller pieces to size, so that all possible dimensions can be bridged". Due to this variation in dimensions and materials, both small, compact kitchens and large projects can be equipped with the NOMAX kitchen. All pieces by PJ MARES are produced, assembled an finished in their atelier in Anderlecht near Brussels. Their designs are marked by a colourful simplicity, without becoming minimal. They are inspired by natural, warm materials like wood, steel, marble and leather, that are meant to age beautifully.

Lucie Koldova for Brokis: LIGHTLINE gets a fresh update



Lucie Koldova created a new line for Brokis, an exclusive Czech-based lighting brand. In the LIGHTLINE series, she wanted to 'celebrate the glass'. 
The sandblasted, blown-glass body is the main focus in this collection. The lamps are hand-etched, making each piece unique. On top of that, the pieces are treated with a special nanotechnological coating to prevent dust and smudges from piling up. The gentle lines in this collection of table lamps create an intimate atmosphere. When the light source casts its glow upon the upper plane of the etched glass, a line of light is projected from the profile, emanating outward from the side. The latest version of the series come in opaline glass and a new metal shied on the lamp socket.

Spring Break by Pedrali

Nolita Chairs

Nolita Chairs

Pedrali predicts a colourful spring. One of their newest outdoor collections is Nolita, which recalls the origins of this Italian brand. Referring to the first metal garden chairs Mario Pedrali designed in 1963, Nolita’s simple and iconic shape evokes memories of a sunny, lively square on a hot summer’s day. The steel chairs and stool come in different heights and in a range of summery, vibrant colours including sage green, light blue, terracotta and yellow. 

AB Piso by Catellani & Smith

Catellani & Smith lighting in the AB Piso.

Catellani & Smith lighting in the AB Piso.

Next to an extensive collection of lamps, Catellani & Smith also manufactures custom-made lighting fittings for private or public spaces. One of their recent projects is the AB Piso, an apartment located in Sarria-Sant Gervasi in Barcelona. After a radical restructuring under the supervision of architect Pablo Serrano Elorduy and interior designer Blanca Elorduy, Catellani & Smith thought about a way to differentiate the cosier areas in the apartment. Pendant lamps belonging to the Stchu-Moon collection fit in with the furniture and finishings, creating a warm and pleasant light.

Axor One: Barber & Osgerby join you in the shower

Hansgrohe's Axor One by Barber & Osgerby

Hansgrohe's Axor One by Barber & Osgerby

Axor One bundles all control elements of a shower in one sleek, intuitive system. Axor’s first all-in-one thermostat module, designed by London-based duo Barber & Osgerby, allows you to check temperature and water volume at once, while adding an Eco Mode that controls your water usage. Joining all elements in one simple device increases ease of use and creates a sense of space in your shower cabin. A simple touchpad controls the system: a push on the button haves you switch between head, hand or side shower. Another addition is the option of personalization. Using the possibilities of Axor Manufaktur, you can fully incorporate the system in your bathroom interior.

Driade, Moleskine and Philippe Nigro launch ‘Portable Atelier’

Portable Atelier by Driade, Moleskine and Philippe Nigro

Portable Atelier by Driade, Moleskine and Philippe Nigro

Driade joined forces with Moleskine and designer Philippe Nigro, creating the ‘Portable Atelier’ collection. The desk furnishings and accessories were created with the idea of making a sort of nomadic study that can easily be moved around the house or office. The basic piece was the shelf, which was quickly accompanied by other objects: a desk, an adjustable stool and plenty of useful accessories like pen holders and storage boxes.The size and weight of the desk allow easy lifting and makes it handy move places. All pieces have the same recognizable, rounded shape the Moleskine notebooks have.
Each partner brought in its own expertise. Portability is also a key element in previous design by Nigro, like a transportable ottoman and mobile office ‘Coffre à Lutrin’; Moleskine user-friendly, easy-to-organize aesthetic and Driade’s expertise in lightweight materials, were the perfect base for this playful yet useful office solution.

A kitchen to live in by bulthaup

bulthaup Kortrijk x Delva architects Brussels © Cafeine

bulthaup Kortrijk x Delva architects Brussels © Cafeine

From a modest sawmill in Bayern to a world-renowned player in bespoke kitchen design: bulthaup has become a major player in its field. Recently, bulthaup Kortrijk has finished another rewarding renovation project, in collaboration with Delva architects from Brussels. This family house at the Belgian seaside is a fine example of the way in which a kitchen design can smoothly blend in with the surrounding architecture. This b3 model was entirely designed as a natural extension of the living room, in complete consultation with the customer. The white cupboards seam to disappear in the white walls and have exactly the same height as the windows, concrete accents return in the kitchen island: details that create a balanced and sleek design. While completely blending in with the overall design, this has also reinforced the impact the kitchen has on the overall feel of the house and surprisingly makes it stand out even more. What’s typical bulthaup, is its timelessness. The kitchen boasts a contemporary feel without appearing too cool. A kitchen should be a place to live and be lived. That timeless aspect also allows bulthaup kitchens to feel at home in a wide range of surroundings, from a sleek loft to a cosy countryside retreat.  

Limited Edition: Belgian crafts meet contemporary design

Shaman Smoke Blue by Limited Edition

Shaman Smoke Blue by Limited Edition

Luxurious design and 100% Belgian: that’s what makes the Limited Edition collections stand out internationally. Focus lies on timeless pieces with a knack for craftsmanship and supreme quality. Limited Edition can be found both in private interiors and exclusive international projects for brands as Armani, Fendi or Burberry. Sold in 120 countries worldwide, this family owned company finds it important to be Belgium based. It covers all steps of the manufacturing process, from spinning the wool and dyeing the yarns to the weaving and tufting of the rugs. It allows the best service, short delivery times and great flexibility. Each Limited Edition rug is available in an endless variety of colours, shapes and sizes tailor-made for any interior.

Extremis’ new headquarters in Proven, Belgium

New Extremis Headquarters in Proven, Belgium

New Extremis Headquarters in Proven, Belgium

A few months ago, just in time to ring in the new year on a good note, Belgian furniture company Extremis opened their new headquarters. The new building, located in Proven, West-Flanders, is an architectural complex of warehouses, office space and showrooms. Ecology and durability are two main focus points for the brand and its CEO Dirk Wynants. The same principles were applied when designing the new buildings. Innovative techniques tackle issues like energy saving and eco-friendly resources. They also looked at efficiency. Whereas growth had forced Extremis to operate from three different locations, the whole company is now rejoined on these premises, including room for expansion. All aspects – from sales to design and transport – are closely linked, making sure every process runs smoothly. Congratulations Extremis, cheers to all the years to come!

Obumex and Glenn Sestig launch Signature Kitchen

Signature Kitchen by Obumex & Glenn Sestig Architects. Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Signature Kitchen by Obumex & Glenn Sestig Architects. Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Gabriel

After collaborations with Parisian architect Joseph Dirand and celebrated chef Sergio Herman, Obumex launched their latest Signature Kitchen with Ghent-based architect Glenn Sestig. The geometric, raw structure looks more like a sculpture than a standard kitchen model. The use of titanium travertine, an eye-catching natural stone, adds edge because of its natural flaws, pigments and veins. Where most kitchens work around horizontal lines, the studio wanted to ‘break through this cliché with a vertical volume, a strong architectural statement.’ The kitchen consists one of single piece, with all attachments, tools, storage and supplies carefully hidden. Apart for the water tap, cupboards, coolers and appliances are all tucked away, making use of two concealed floor-to-ceiling cupboards. This lack of superfluous additions, makes the travertine stand out, emphasizing its inherent, beautiful qualities.

Bolon launches jacquard collection with Doshi Levien

Bolon by You designed by Bolon & Doshi Levien

Bolon by You designed by Bolon & Doshi Levien

Bolon by You, the Swedish design company’s latest collection, is committed to flexibility. The versatile and technologically advanced framework allows designers to create their own, precise vision of the collection. This interactive concept is a collaboration between Bolon’s own design team and London-based design duo Doshi Levien, who took up the role of advisors for the campaign’s art direction. 
The six available patterns – influenced by art, culture, fashion and textiles – focus on the interplay between material, texture and colours, enabling architects and designers to create the result they want. As Marie Eklund, who runs Bolon together with her sister Annica, puts it: "For the first time, you are able to design, test and experiment your way to creating a flooring solution unique to your project".

Werner Aisslinger x Kvadrat

Werner Aisslinger for Kvadrat © Patricia Parinejad

Werner Aisslinger for Kvadrat © Patricia Parinejad

During our visit to the furniture fair in Cologne we spotted this cute cabin at Design Post by German designer Werner Aisslinger, covered in bright Kvadrat textiles. The renowned Danish textile brand marks the start of the year with a fresh and colourful presentation that put a smile on our face. We are happy to announce that Kvadrat yet again will be present at the Biennale Interieur and we are looking forward to discover their plans for Kortrijk. With a track record of strong exhibition design by inspiring international designers, such as the ribbon-covered stand by London-based designers Raw Edges at INTERIEUR 2014, they will surely impress us again next October.

Henry van de Velde label for Trizo21

Austere-T desk lamp by Trizo21

Austere-T desk lamp by Trizo21

Congratulations to lighting manufacturer Trizo21, who received a Henry van de Velde label for their Austere-T desk lamp, a refined design by Hans Verstuyft. Entirely Belgian, Trizo21 stands for handmade, high-quality lighting fixtures. Their designs are simple and sober but tastefully executed and pure, without unnecessary frills. Already looking forward to Trizo21’s presence at INTERIEUR 2016! Design Flanders presents the Henry van de Velde Awards & Labels every year with a prestigious ceremony. These prizes and quality labels are used to stress the abundance of quality of Flemish design.

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