Jono Concepts / Germany

Jono Concepts (Jonathan Radetz): Annapurna carpet series. When Form Follows Fair Working Conditions. Based on a satellite image of the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal, as seen from above. The carpet consists of only one color, yet by using two different reflective materials, the carpets evolve into almost three-dimensional floor covers. Just like the massif continuously takes another appearance depending on light and perspective, so does the carpet, when the surrounding light changes. Addressing traditional weaving techniques with the highest possible quality standards. Produced in Nepal, from pure new wool and the finest silk, manually, and under fair working conditions.

25th Silver Edition

14-23 October 2016

Kortrijk, Belgium

A festive 25th edition programme

40.000 m2 of contemporary design in the halls of Kortrijk Xpo

Summit: Interior Design & Retail

Scenography & curated content by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Interieur Bars, designed by winners of the INTERIEUR AWARDS

Extending the Biennale programme into a day and night experience

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