HI-MACS / South Korea

Tables, counters, chairs, but also hoods and kitchens: inside and outside the fair, HI-MACS® solid surface material once again confirmed its leading position in the world of technical material and brought back into the spotlight its greatest feature, versatility, now making it the ideal medium for designers and interior architects, as well as businesses and interior designers.

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25th Silver Edition

14-23 October 2016

Kortrijk, Belgium

A festive 25th edition programme

40.000 m2 of contemporary design in the halls of Kortrijk Xpo

Summit: Interior Design & Retail

Scenography & curated content by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Interieur Bars, designed by winners of the INTERIEUR AWARDS

Extending the Biennale programme into a day and night experience

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Endless possibilities with HI-MACS®

Lucia collection by Marcel Wanders for HI-MACS®

Lucia collection by Marcel Wanders for HI-MACS®

HI-MACS® - a brand of LG Hausys – is a premium Solid Surface used in a wide variety of projects and designs. As a Natural Acrylic Stone™, this innovative, non-porous material can be used in multiple contexts, from residential to retail and from indoor surfaces to outdoor designs. HI-MACS® boasts a list of unparalleled qualities: versatility, thermoforming, durability, invisible joints, waterproof and hygiene. It can be customized as you please, offering a wide array of colours, shapes and patterns. During Interieur 2016, Engels Design and Decoration will showcase the vast array of possibilities of the HI-MACS range, whether in a bathroom or kitchen or as a façade or counter top. Renowned designers like Thierry Wille and Steven Boudewijn, artist Denis De Gloire and more will demonstrate the surprising uses of the material. New colour lines, developed by Marcel Wanders, will also be in the spotlight. His Lucia collection is a subtle combination between the look of the material and the playfulness of tone-on-tone colours. The depth in the material is created by inlaying particles that bring out an organic appearance and a warm, chic atmosphere.