AVC GEMINO / Belgium

AVC GEMINO innovates and inspires with solutions for design doors and walls and integrates these in the global concept of your office or interior. The AVC GEMINO wall system: a perfect combination of esthetics (design, look and feel, integration in ceiling / floor / other walls or not), acoustic performance and a very rich functionality (integration of lighting, HVAC,…). The solution gives flexibility to modify the layout of the spaces according to the evolution of the requirements.

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25th Silver Edition

14-23 October 2016

Kortrijk, Belgium

A festive 25th edition programme

40.000 m2 of contemporary design in the halls of Kortrijk Xpo

Summit: Interior Design & Retail

Scenography & curated content by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Interieur Bars, designed by winners of the INTERIEUR AWARDS

Extending the Biennale programme into a day and night experience

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