Alessi / Italy

With “Alessi Circus”, Marcel Wanders has designed a whole family of objects for Alessi that excite, surprise and astonish, evoking the spectacle usually found under the big top. “The circus is something that goes beyond everyday life – says the designer – the richness and wonder before our eyes, what we hear and capture with our senses, stays with us. It is a very unique feeling of magic and we wanted to celebrate it in an imaginative collection”.

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25th Silver Edition

14-23 October 2016

Kortrijk, Belgium

A festive 25th edition programme

40.000 m2 of contemporary design in the halls of Kortrijk Xpo

Summit: Interior Design & Retail

Scenography & curated content by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

Interieur Bars, designed by winners of the INTERIEUR AWARDS

Extending the Biennale programme into a day and night experience

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Clowns, ballerina's and balloons: Alessi goes to the circus

Marcel Wanders for Alessi.

Marcel Wanders for Alessi. 

Marcel Wanders and Alessi head to the circus. Clowns, elephants, tents and strongmen are reinterpreted as kitchen- and tableware. Five limited-edition figures and 29 new products are part of the festive new universe Wanders created. "The circus is larger than life," the designer says, "The pageantry and astonishment from what you see, hear and feel never leaves you. That one-of-a-kind magical feeling is now celebrated through this innovative collection." Each figure – limited to 999 pieces – is made from steel plate using a combination of lost-wax casting, machine processing and laser cutting and is decorated by hand. Marcello the Strongman, Valentina the Ballerina or Gilberto the Jester: all characters are bound to liven up you living space. The sculptures are accompanied by a collection of bowls, coolers, mugs, and container, all clad playful circus-themed patterns in sparkling colours like yellow, red, black, white, gold and silver. This brand new collection will be presented at Interieur in the aptly named Circus, an eventful on-site space hosted by King George. 

Product catalogue in cooperation with Architonic