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Colour and Interior Trends 2017 - Hilde Francq

Friday, October 21 at 15:00

Kortrijk Xpo / Bar Le Banquet Gaulois

Mediapartner Feeling Wonen/Gael Maison organises a lecture by trend watcher Hilde Francq (BE) about colour and interior trends in 2017.

Trend watcher Hilde Francq is a pioneer in colour. Her company Francq Colors focuses on colour and trends, for companies in the most diverse sectors. The power of colour is indeed important for brands wanting to be - and remain - ‘on trend’. Francq Colors performs Trend Research based on social, economic, technological and ecological developments. The research is then translated into various Trend Themes, consisting of specific colour combinations, materials, patterns, textures and forms.

Language speaker(s): English