GOOSE De/ReConstruction

On four nights during INTERIEUR 2014, the Kortrijk-based band GOOSE will invade four levels of the Buda Tower located on the Buda Island in the heart of Kortrijk city. GOOSE will surprise the Interieur audience with a specially created design performance, which will unite various disciplines with the aim to surprise, question, confuse and inspire. De/ReConstruction will allow the audience to get close to GOOSE and to experience their music inside-out, from the point of view of the musician.

Performance on Friday 17 - Saturday 18 - Monday 20 & Friday 24 October 2014
Doors: 8.30 pm
Start: 9.00 pm

Location: Buda Tower, Korte Kapucijnenstraat, 8500 Kortrijk

Tickets sold out

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Joseph Grima, curator of the cultural programme, set the tone for INTERIEUR 2014 with a bold premise: 'The home does not exist'. This raises the question whether the way we furnish our homes is the right one. Is the way we treat our living environment outdated? Do we need a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom as we know it? Doesn't the future demand another kind of domesticity, a better match for our current needs?

On that note we have rethought our own habitat: the stage. The past decades, artists have been separated from their audience. Is this actually the most suitable way to perform, seen the extreme road that the music industry has gone down in recent years. No phone without iPod, no tv without YouTube, no city without festival. One streams, downloads and has a plethora of choices to listen to music. It is everywhere and for everyone.

Isn't it about time to shake up the way we experience concerts? Once, artists were unreachable and those who managed to get close where the chosen few. Today, artists are just like everyone else, busy sending personal messages and photos into the world. Just like their music, artists are everywhere and continually present.

If this is indeed the case, why still maintain a large barrier between the stage and the audience? GOOSE decided to take up the challenge and invites the crowd to become part of the experiment.

Mickael Karkousse, GOOSE.