Saturday Night Fever at the Broel School!


Saturday Night Fever at the Broel School!

Saturday, October 18 at 18:00

Kortrijk City / Broel School

It's Saturday Night Fever at the Broel School October 18th from 6pm!

Space Caviar hosts the Kitchen Debate, a performative culinary experience. In addition, Leanne Wijnsma of the Broelschool Demolition workshop will complete her tunnels live.

Meanwhile you can check out all installations and exhibitions on site (Design Duos, MAD About Living, Mons2015, Eyes/Night Only & Vélo Extra) and come to the central Wiglow point where our friends of Blauw will offer some bottles of beer. Next door DAMn° magazine celebrates its 10 year anniversary at the same time. If you are hungry you can have a dinner at the Interieur Bistro. And after nine it's party time: GOOSE performs at the Buda Tower (tickets here) and in the Chapel of the Broelschool there is the Architonic Disco.





Language speaker(s): English