The submitted concept: Fusions Bar

a collaboration between Lukas and Wendelin Kammermeier

Lukas: "We want to create a space that pushes this view on nature into absurdity: images of extreme regions collide with plants that would never be able to exist in surroundings such as deserts or glaciers. But we make it happen— just like strawberries in winter."

Fusions bar concept visuals © Lukas Wegwerth

Lukas: "The subject ‘Confusion’ is key in the concept for the design of the space and the bar. It is also the main approach for a choice of drinks and food to be served."

Extracts & visuals from submitted Fusions Bar concept © Lukas Wegwerth

The result at Biennale Interieur

Lukas: "For me the whole process of developing and producing in this manageable but for me big scale was quite challenging in a very positive way. I think I can say that I learned a lot from it. Especially in terms of realisation, timing and calculating and the overall presentation of my project. The Biennale was at any point a really good collaborator. Always open but never without backup support."

Fusions bar installated at Biennale INTERIEUR 2014 © Lukas Wegwerth
Lukas Wegwerth at Biennale INTERIEUR 2014” © Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

A boost for my career

Meanwhile Lukas work is ever evolving and he is presenting at many locations, amongst them the renowned London-based Gallery Fumi. In reply to the question how his installation at Interieur contributed to his development.

Lukas: "There were some really nice talks with journalists during the opening, who in my case took the time to check out my other, older projects as well. And in fact this was the start for a new exhibition, which brought new valuable contacts, pretty good sales and attention for my work."

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