What made you decide to take part in the Interieur Awards?

Dossofiorito: Someone visited our stand at Salone del Mobile and told us about the Interieur Awards competition. We thought: why not? It sounded like an interesting opportunity to show our work to a jury composed of a pool of international design experts and potentially to a interesting public.

What was the impact of being a winner of the Interieur Awards?

Dossofiorito: It has given our work a lot of visibility and introduced our studio to a different market and a different audience.

Gianluca Giabardo (IT/CH) and Livia Rossi (IT)

Did the Interieur Awards bring you tangible results?

Dossofiorito: Yes, few months after the Biennale we were invited to take part in very good exhibitions curated by people who had discovered our work in Kortrijk.

The Phytophiler by Dossofiorito during Biennale Interieur 2014

The workshop with the Award winners in Boisbuchet had a nice group atmosphere. Are you still in contact with the other designers?

Dossofiorito: Although we were a really heterogeneous group of people with very different approach to the design practice, on a personal level we got along really well. And at Boisbuchet there is a magic atmosphere: you are in a beautiful place, immersed in nature and away from everything. It really puts you in the mood to connect and share with other people.
We are always happy to stumble upon each other in any of the many design related events around the world and we always try to spend some time together when we are in the same place.

How was the Boisbuchet experience?

Dossofiorito: It has been a very intense week in many aspects!
Working in a big group is not easy. Apart from a few winners who were still students, all the other participants were professionals, who were already running their studio for few years. Each one of us has a precise idea of how we see our own work and how we want to propose it to an audience. It wasn’t easy to find an exhibiting solution that would reflect and please everyone. We have worked really hard on it and in the end we found something we were all excited about. We were all really pleased to see the results at the Biennale few months later.
It was also a very fun week too, with breaks for outdoor ping pong matches, long walks in the fields, rowing in the lake, fancy dress party…etc. You really get to know people, not only professionally but for what they are as a person.

© Boisbuchet

What would you recommend to people who take part?

Dossofiorito: Some of the winners couldn’t make it to Boisbuchet due to other personal or work related commitments. Although they were consulted in all the decisions we took, we believe they missed out a lot. So we would strongly suggest future winners to find the time for the weekly workshop. It’s a unique experience!

Who would you like to see as a jury member in 2016?

Dossofiorito: What we liked the most about the last edition jury is that it really represented a wide spectrum of the design world: there was a gallery owner, a curator, a producer and an editor. This has guaranteed that the selected projects were all special, but in many different ways: some were more focusing on technical aspects, others were more poetic, others focused on craft and some other used the latest technologies. We think it will be important to maintain this balance in the way to have a good variety of selected projects.
Well... if you want a name we would definitely say Angela Rui, a young Italian curator and journalist. We really admire many of the projects she had done in Italy and abroad in the last few years.

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