Strong international mix of winners: 80 submissions from 20 countries

This was the second edition of the Spaces category for the Interieur Awards. The focus for contestants was on the design of a bar environment, showing a strong connection between design and food concept. The international jury took up the difficult task of judging the anonymous entries and selected 5 winning designs. These will be constructed and open to visitors at Biennale INTERIEUR 2016, from 14 to 23 October in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Five honourable mentions

  • Juice, a concept by Yesmine Sliman Lawton and Perrine Poncelet from Mons (Belgium)

  • Root, a concept by Jessy Van Durme and Sophie Vanwynsberge from Kortrijk (Belgium)

  • Watering, a concept by Pietro Ferrario and Francesco Enea Castellanza of OASI Architects from Busto Arsizio (Italy)
  • Resto Pluri Bar, a concept by Salvatore Ponzo, Fabio Romenici, Alessandro Pennesi, Giuseppe Ponzo of FORO STUDIO from Milan (Italy)

  • Tops, a concept by Olivier Caluwier of FIVE AM from Kortrijk (Belgium)

We Are Family

Concept by Pauline Deltour, Anne-Laure Gautier and Gwenaëlle Girard of En Bande Organisée from Paris (France)

The black concept We Are Family is a reference to the coal mines of northern France. It emphasises social values such as living together and sharing. On two large tables with benches for 50 people, a basic lunch will be served in the traditional briquet, a lunchbox-avant-la-lettre for miners.


Concept by Carolien Pasmans, Bram Aerts and Claudio Saccucci of TRANS Architectuur en Stedenbouw in Ghent (Belgium)

The Terra project enchanted the jury members with a minimalist bar concept made with concrete blocks and a variety of mushrooms growing in a centrally placed ‘field’, symbolising our coming together around nature and food. Chef Andrea Lazazzera’s menu features dishes with mushrooms and beer.

Jury member Aaron Taylor Harvey on Terra:
'Terra was compelling, I liked the idea that you’d see something grow. This cloud of fog in the air, you would see in the distance. And when you approach, you realise that the fog is actually feeding the mushrooms. You could have all these understandings of what that space represents, from across the hall all the way to inside it. That sounds like a good experience to me.'

Le Banquet Gaulois

concept by Matteo Ghidoni from Milan (Italy) and Jean-Benoît Vétillard from Paris (France)

Le Banquet Gaulois presents a collective meal with a ritual character. The design features freestanding, colourful kitchen elements. A round seating element forms a barrier between kitchen and guests at the Banquet.

Bar N O S E

Project by Mayu Takasugi, Tokyo (JP) & Johannes Berry, Cape Town (RSA), now based in Brussels (BE)

Bar Nose is a minimalist concept inspired by the traditional Japanese Kōdō ritual. The Japanese team describes it as ‘a place of sensory rest’ where the experience of aromas will be among the main components.


concept by Jon Kleinhample and Maša Lončarič of Klein Agency in Antwerp (Belgium)

Made/Found captivated the jury with a strong concept around the contrast between ‘found’ and ‘man-made’ design and food. A series of old and forgotten tree stumps are confronted with ‘digital wood’. The concept continues in the kitchen, with made/found contrasts based on simple ingredients such as corn and potatoes.

Jury member Rossana Hu on Made/Found:
'It’s so understated and so minimal that it takes a click to get it and once you get it, it’s like ‘wow’. It has dry humour and I really like the conceptual pairing of the design with the food. I think that concept is really strong: made/found in design and then there’s made/found in food. The connection is interesting.'

Biennale Interieur 2018

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