Spaces Category



The jury has now selected the successful participants of the Spaces category. The prize awarded to these winners consists of the realisation of their bar concept and prominent exposure during the Biennale INTERIEUR 2014.

List of winners

  • Gone Fishing, a concept by Charlotte Ryberg, Fritz Håkon Halvorsen and Marcia Harvey Isaksson from Sweden.
  • Dried Chat Room, a concept by Alberto Artesani (DWA), Frederik De Wachter (DWA), Francesca Perani (Spectacularch) and Sandra Marchesi (Spectacularch) from Italy.
  • Fusions Bar, a concept by Lukas Wegwerth in partnership with Wendelin Kammermeier from Germany.
  • Behind the Curtain, a concept by Jasper Stevens and Karel Verstraeten from Belgium.
  • -21.Threeº Gelato Meccanico, a concept by Davide Fabio Colaci, Lula Ferrari, TourDeFork with Laura Doardo, Ludovica Niero and Marco Savini from Italy.


  • Cardboard Chapel, a concept by Luuk Stoltenborg, Bas de Boer, Laura Ubachs and Saynzo Osinga from The Netherlands
  • Harvest, a concept by Ryosuke Iinuma from Japan.
  • Life after life bar, a concept by cuypers & Q architecten from Belgium.
  • Terroir, a concept by Kathi Stertzig from Germany.
  • Bar Assembly, a concept by Leonidas Trampoukis (LoT) from Greece.
  • Cloud, a concept by Arthur Analts (Variant Studio) from Latvia.


Entries for the Interieur Awards are judged anonymously by an international jury. Its members are prominent international professionals with relevant knowledge and expertise within the general field of design.

Philippe Grohe

Axor, Hansgrohe - DE
Philippe Grohe is head of Axor, the designer brand of the German sanitaryware specialist Hansgrohe. Mr. Grohe has a well-trained eye and viewpoint on new design concepts thanks to his numerous collaborations with leading designers, architects and interior designers such as Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Nendo and the Bouroullec brothers.
Philippe Grohe, the grandson of the company’s founder Hans Grohe started his career as a price winning advertising photographer before becoming the head of the Axor brand in 2001.

Francesca Sarti

Arabeschi Di Latte - IT
Francesca Sarti is an Italian architect and founder of the collective Arabeschi di Latte. Sarti is an internationally recognised trendsetter exploring the meeting point between food and design and has created many food concepts and pop-up cafés around the world. She is fascinated by the food world and its power to create situations and relationships. Francesca has an interdisciplinary attitude and gives lectures and runs workshops in several schools and universities.

Lowie Vermeersch

Granstudio - BE, IT
Lowie Vermeersch is a Belgian designer, part of the 3rd generation of a prominent Belgian artistic family. After leading the automotive design deparment of Pininfarina as Design Director for several years, Vermeersch founded Granstudio in 2010 in Turin. Granstudio is a new type of creative studio that concentrates a high level of automotive design expertise into a compact and multidisciplinary team. Since 2012 Vermeersch is president of the Biennale Interieur npo.

Noé Duchaufour Lawrance

Designer & Interior Architect - FR
Paris-based designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance works both on objects and interiors. He is convinced that each project has its own unique scenario, with its own specific use, form, material and aesthetic. Noé Duchaufour Lawrance considers each project like an organic form which grows with its user. In the style of a natural element which can also defy human order and disorder. Duchaufour Lawrance gained attention with his objects for design manufacturers such as Ceccotti Collezionni, Cinna and Zanotta and spatial designs for the Air France lounges and Ciel de Paris.

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