Winner of the Grand Prize

Dimitri Bähler (CH)

The jury unanimously chose the design ‘Volumes, Patterns, Textures and Colors’ by Swiss designer Dimitri Bähler (1988). The jury honoured his strong presentation that focused on research into materiality and tactility. Bähler surprised the jury with a subtle interaction between pared-down objects and lively patterns, a clever colour palette and innovative coatings.

Photo credit: Raphaëlle Müller / HEAD for the CERCCO

The result of my research is a collection of objects that plays with different variations of volumes, patterns, textures and colors, a kind of dictionary. Always close to an essential abstraction, these shapes can be used as pedestals, fruits bowls, vase, pencils / fruits holders,... Together, they create a dialogue between functionality and non-functionality, minimalism and decoration, questioning the concept of usefulness in our homes.

Dimitri Bähler (CH)

After studying at Écal in Lausanne and the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Dimitri Bähler founded his own design studio in Biel in 2014. As a finalist in the 2013 Design Parade in Hyères (France) and nominee for the 2014 and 2015 Swiss Design Awards, he was frequently invited to international residencies and workshops, such as Rethink the Modular for USM in Boisbuchet, France or Ishinomaki Laboratory in Japan. At the moment Bähler works for Swiss and international labels such as HAY, USM, Dadadum, Hors Pistes, Marlo&Isaure and work with different galleries around the world.

Photo credit: Anja Fonseka

Selected winners

Grand prize

Volumes, Patterns, Textures and Colors

Concept by Dimitri Bähler (Switzerland)


Concept by Kunihiro Kobayashi (Japan)


Concept by Giovanni Bauwens (Belgium)


Concept by JiB design studio (United Kingdom)

Corrugated Ruler

Concept by Erdem Selek (United States)

Cloak Cabinet

Concept by Emma Fox (New Zealand)

Heavy Medals

Concept by Philipp Käfer (Germany)

The Bow Chair

Concept by Taylor McKenzie-Veal (United States)


Concept by Studio Millionroses (South Korea)


Concept by Dorothee Mainka (Germany)


Concept by DESIGN STUDIO NIRUK (Germany)


Concept by Maarten Douwe Bredero (Netherlands)


Concept by JinSik Kim (South Korea)


Concept by Ben Esser (Germany)

Design with the unknown

Concept by STUDIO OINK (Germany)


Concept by Inge Lagae (Belgium)


Concept by Shir Atar (Israel)


Concept by studiomk27 (Brazil)

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